GearZ-TV Host Wowed by K&N Facility, its 1955 Chevy and K&N Viper

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K&N Engineering rolled out the red carpet for SPEED TV’s Stacey David, host of Stacey David’s GearZ, and his crew at its headquarters in Riverside, California.

K&N Dodge Viper at California Speedway
K&N Dodge Viper at California Speedway
GearZ-TV host Stacey David with K&N's John Reedy
GearZ-TV host Stacey David with K&N's John Reedy
David, who is putting together a television special on K&N, was astounded by the vast array of information provided to him by the staff at K&N. “I came out here not knowing what to expect,” David said. “Now I have several different angles I can work with.”
Stacey David interviewed John Reedy and Bert Heck at California SpeedwayStacey David interviewed John Reedy and Bert Heck at California Speedway
Stacey David also drove the K&N 1955 Chevy at California Speedway
Stacey David also drove the K&N 1955 Chevy at California Speedway

David, who always wants to present what he calls the “cool factor” to his viewers, believes that K&N appeals to gear heads. This comes in the form of performance as well as competition related products. “I try to stay away from all the glitz and glam.” David said. “I always try to present something that’s not fake. K&N is cool because the company, the employees and its products are the real deal.”

The GearZ crew were treated to a personal tour of the manufacturing facility by K&N Vice President of Communication Tim Martin in addition to detailed demonstrations on the K&N in house dynamometers lead by K&N Engineering’s Performance Products Program Manager, Bert Heck.

Heck and K&N employees Kirk Swanson and Dave Davies worked around the clock to ensure a smooth shoot for David and his crew. “They were excellent to work with,” Heck said. “Since they were car guys they understood what we were saying in addition to asking the right questions.”

Rich Dwyer, K&N’s Research and Development Manager, echoed that sentiment after showing David around K&N’s testing facility. "John Reedy, K&N's Laboratory Manager, answered all of his technical questions in the K&N lab. They were amazed by the amount of testing that we conduct,” Dwyer said. “Stacey was most impressed by the lengths K&N will go for its customers.”

In addition to the tour, K&N rented California Speedway in Fontana to give David the opportunity to test-drive both K&N’s ’55 Chevy and the Dodge Viper owned by K&N Chairman of the Board Jerry Mall. Mall will race the Viper once again at the Silver State Challenge in Ely, Nevada.

David used this opportunity to smoke the tires on the Viper for the cameras, a move that appeared to have K&N’s Race Shop Manager Tim Fleenor sweating due to the proximity of the upcoming Silver State Classic Challenge. “I wasn’t too worried about it,” Fleenor said. “The Viper had an old set of tires on it and we hadn’t begun to tune it up for the Silver State race.”

David and the GearZ crew were wowed by their visit to K&N. “My experience was fantastic,” David said. “It was a real eye opener for me.” David is on the cutting-room floor this week editing the show starring K&N. It will air sometime in June 2008.

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