1979 Yamaha Triple Still Running Smooth with K&N Air Filter

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In 1979 motorcycle enthusiast Ben Boggs wanted the best filter on the market for his brand new Yamaha 750 Triple. These bikes only have three cylinders, and are unique in the motorcycle world. They were only made in 1979 and 1980 by Yamaha..

Ben Boggs 1979 Yamaha
Ben Boggs 1979 Yamaha

Ben Boggs uses K&N air filters
Boggs uses K&N air filters
The sixty-something long time Riverside, California resident put a K&N Engineering air filter on his Yamaha in 1979 and kept it there for 28 years. He replaced his original K&N air filter with a new one in 2007.
Ben Boggs of Riverside, California Ben Boggs of Riverside, California
Yamaha Triple has three cylinders
Yamaha Triple has three cylinders

He still rides the Yamaha. “I had to replace the odometer and a few other things when I rolled it in August 2001 at Mount Palomar near Temecula, California. I didn’t have to replace my K&N air filter,” said Boggs.

Boggs said he spent a couple of weeks in the hospital after his spill down the mountain. “I was showing off to some kids and I ended up in a bad wreck,” he said. “When I got out of the hospital the first thing I did was hit the junk yards to rebuild my wrecked bike. I found two other Yamaha 750 Triples. I took off those parts and got mine back to its original condition.”

The Yamaha Triple was considered a premiere superbike in its day. It received rave reviews and had a large number of faithful followers. “I only paid $3,000 for it,” said Boggs. “I bought it from Malcolm Smith’s Motorcycles when his shop was off La Cadena Drive in Riverside. I plan to give it to him when I can’t ride anymore for his Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.”

Boggs used to build off road vehicles when he had a day job. “I remember when K&N was getting started in Riverside back in the sixties,” he said. “In our shop we’d dyno just about every late model motorcycle we could get our hands on. We’d put K&N filters on the dynamometer and see the power gains and great results.”

Boggs said he believes in K&N products. “I get more power with K&N on my 1979 Yamaha,” said he said. “My engine is clean and still running great. K&N protects it from dirt and debris. I recommend K&N air filters to anyone.”

Boggs is still riding his Yamaha. He’s not ready to give it up, yet. He knows that when he does, it will still have the new K&N air filter he put on in 2007.

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