Ethan Myatt and His 600cc Micro Sprint Stock Car at Lemoore Raceway

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This is the second year racing for Ethan Myatt in the stock class at Lemoore Raceway.
This is the second year racing for Ethan Myatt in the stock class at Lemoore Raceway.
The start to the racing season at Lemoore Raceway in California has been good for Ethan Myatt. Not great, but good.
Ethan Myatt's 600cc micro sprint stock car
Ethan Myatt's 600cc micro sprint stock car

He was the runner-up in the season opener last month in the micro sprint stock class. It was his best race of the season so far. Myatt is fourth in the stock class standings after three races.

"The season, it's going in the right direction compared to a couple weeks ago," said Myatt, a 16-year-old from Clovis, Calif. "We're starting to get a good handle on a good set-up on this new car. We've tried a lot of different things and we're going to test again to try and see if was can drive this car a little better."

Myatt is in his second year racing in the stock class at Lemoore Raceway. He was fourth in points last year. He started racing at Lemoore three years ago in the restrictor classes.

"This is my second year in the stock class," Myatt said. "I ran 2008. It was my first year in any kind of auto racing. Last year my was first year in stock class. Out of 18 races, we managed to finish fourth in points. This year we're sitting fourth in points as well."

Myatt desribes the micro sprint stock car he's racing as a 600cc mini sprint. "Imagine a sprint car except on a smaller scale," he said.

"A lot of kids that have been coming up in sprint car racing started out in micro," Myatt said. "It's a proving ground for starting your career in dirt track."

There were three different winners in the first three races of the season at Lemoore. Myatt finished second to Tristan Guardino on April 2, opening night. Myatt said because the cars are so similar, the skill level of the drivers make a big difference in who wins each race.

"Right now, we've only got 11 more races to go," said Myatt, a student at Buchanan High School. "Everyone is so equal in this class beause it's more driver than anything. Basically you're just trying to dial in your set-up and the driver has to make up the rest for it because there's no cockpit adjustments. You have to dial the car in more as the race goes on. You have to pretty much dial it in before you go out to the track."

In nearly four years of racing at Lemoore, Myatt has yet to win a race. He set a goal to change that when the season started.

"I have not won a race yet in either restrictor or stock," Myatt said. "My goal this is obviously to win a race. Hopefully we'd like to run for a championship this year. I know I'm capable of doing it. The car's capable of doing it. My crew, my dad, we're all dedicated in this. I really think we can get it. It's just we need some good breaks and dial in the set-up."

Myatt said using K&N products will help him win the first race of his career. His team receives product support from K&N and the filters have made a noticeable difference in the performance of his cars.

"I can definitely tell the better intake you have on a race car, the more responsive, you got better throttle response," Myatt said. "The car reacts a lot better, a lot more rapidly than with a cheaper air filter."

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