Performance Air Filter for Several 2010 - 2012 BMW 523i, 528i and 730i Models Released

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Replacement Air Filter for some BMW models
Replacement Air Filter for some BMW models
BMW has been one of the leading vehicle manufacturers for as long as anyone can remember. Quality, performance and reliability has been a focus of BMW.  These are big factors in what has kept consumers coming back year after year. 
Restriction Chart for 33-2970 Air Filter
Restriction Chart for 33-2970 Air Filter
K&N has also focused on these factors and it shows in their reusable air filters including the 33-2970 which is available for the BMW models listed below.

Many of these models are available in either the US, or Europe and the 33-2970 is a recommended upgrade for any of these 6 cylinder 3.0L vehicles.

The 33-2970 is designed to be a simple drop-in style replacement filter.  It takes the place of stock disposable filters that require replacement and can limit performance. K&N has engineered the 33-2970 to be washable and reusable.  It can go up to 50,000 miles under normal driving conditions before servicing is required. Backed by a 1,000,000 mile limited warranty, the 33-2970 is designed to be the last air filter you will ever need for your BMW.

This high flow air filter provides excellent filtration and is a quick and easy improvement to any of the BMW models listed below.

K&N 33-2970 fits the following models:
2013 BMW 530I 3.0L L6
2012 BMW 530I 3.0L L6
2011 BMW 730I 3.0L L6
2011 BMW 530I 3.0L L6
2011 BMW 528I XDRIVE 3.0L L6 - Non-US, F10
2011 BMW 528I 3.0L L6
2011 BMW 523I 3.0L L6
2011 BMW 520I 2.0L L4 - China
2010 BMW 730I 3.0L L6
2010 BMW 528I XDRIVE 3.0L L6 - Non-US, F10
2010 BMW 528I 3.0L L6 - Non-US, F10, F11
2010 BMW 523I 3.0L L6 - F10, F11
2010 BMW 520I 2.0L L4 - China, F10/F11
2009 BMW 730I 3.0L L6

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