Texas Race Car Engine Builder Tracy Dennis Has Racing in His Blood

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Tracy Dennis was born a third generation racer and traveled to his first drag race before his first birthday. "Racing has been my life forever," says Dennis. "My father raced gassers in NHRA from the late 50's until the early 70's. My brothers and I raced dirt bikes and go karts. We always had to do our own maintenance and service, so we learned quickly about engines and race vehicles."
Tracy Dennis started out in the family garage, building engines and doing chassis fabrication for his father.
Tracy Dennis started out in the family garage, building engines and doing chassis fabrication for his father.

After graduating high school, Dennis worked at the family garage, building engines and doing chassis fabrication for his father. What started as a way of making extra money to support his race cars became a career in 1990 when he opened his own shop. Sunset Racecraft has become one of the premier performance and racing engine shops in the world. Located in Lubbock, Texas, Sunset turns out around 500 engines a year, which are shipped to champion race car drivers worldwide.

Dennis not only builds race engines, he races them as well. "Racing allows us to keep a feel for what the drivers need in product development and permits us to service what products we already have in the field," says Dennis. "Along with many world champions, we also have some of the fastest Top Sportsman and Top Dragster racers using our engines."

Sunset Racecraft has relied on K&N products for over 20 years. "When you build engines with over 2000 hp that can cost over $60,000, the last thing you want is a filter failure," says Dennis. "We send out every Sunset Racing Engine with a K&N filter and insist that our customers use them when servicing their engines to insure a long life." Dennis discovered a performance gain along with longer cylinder life and ring seal, just another reason he recommends K&N. "We recently tested the new dragster scoops on our TNT house car and found a 2 mph gain."

Dennis feels that the relationship between Sunset Racecraft and K&N has been a successful one. "I need products that protect my engines and increase performance. Sunset will continue to rely on the experts at K&N to supply products that protect our customer's investments for years to come."

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