Protecting your engine is one thing that will prove to be beneficial in the long run and one of K&N’s goals is to help you protect your engine by designing our product to capture harmful contaminants before they enter your engine. From our extensive line of air filters to our class leading oil filters, K&N products are built with performance, efficiency, and protection in mind.

K&N’s founders, Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald needed an air filter that could handle the harsh, desert environments that they raced their motorcycles through. The air filters of the time were course foam filters that would get overcome by the soft sand. Their solution was an oiled cotton media that let air pass through, but still protected the engines of their race bikes. Fifty years later, we still use the same technology to protect the engine in your vehicle.

Built for Protection

Cotton Air Filter Media

K&N filters start life as cotton gauze. This absorbent material is layered between aluminum mesh and pleated for added surface area. From there, it is treated with a special oil formulation that gives K&N the distinctive red coloring.

The cotton and the oil serve two distinct purposes. The cotton flows air exceptionally well. The oil helps stop impurities in the air. This ensures that your engine is protected from even the tiniest particles that could be in the air while still allowing the engine to breathe.

Off Road Filtration Protection

To ensure that our filters do their job of protecting your engine, K&N does extensive filtration testing on every new air filter we produce. K&N operates an in-house filtration test lab with two different testing machines. We perform tests of filters both in the factory air box and in SAE/ISO recommended test housing fixtures. Our goal is to design filters with the maximum possible airflow achievable while providing guaranteed engine protection.

The ultimate test that our filters endure is the real-world test that our sponsored racers put the filters through on a weekly basis. San Felipe 250, Mint 500, Baja 1000 - these are just a few of the races in which racers trust K&N air filters to capture dirt and prevent it from entering their engines.

Built For You

High-Flow Air Filters

High-Flow Air Filters™

K&N air filters were born out of necessity for a better filter that kept dirt out of the engine of off-road motorcycles. Over the last 50 years, we have worked to make sure that our products continue to protect the engines to which they feed air. The oiled cotton media is one of the best for stopping contaminants before they cause damage.


Washable Cabin Air Filters

Washable Cabin Air Filters

Protecting your engine is vital, but protecting your family is even more important. K&N knows this and has developed a line of washable cabin air filters that are designed to stop most mold, mildew, pollen, spores, fungus and germs before they have a chance to do any harm to the occupants of your vehicle.


Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

After your K&N air filter removes the potentially harmful contaminants from the air, it stores those impurities deep inside the web of fibers that make up the filter media. To remove these particles, K&N makes a line of cleaning products that will return your filter to like new condition.