K&N has been a staple in the performance automotive industry since 1969. Born out of a need for an air filter that performed better than the standard thick, paper air filter, was the K&N washable and reusable air filter. Thanks to decades of tireless product development, K&N products are a great way to add performance to your vehicle while still providing excellent engine protection.

By using high quality materials, working with race teams to develop new products, and running dyno and flow bench tests, we can ensure our products perform for years to come. K&N air filters and intakes are designed to increase horsepower in your car, truck, or SUV and even better, thanks to the easy install design of K&N air filters and intake systems, adding performance is easy.

Born of Racing

Off Road Truck

K&N was born out of racing and it is still embedded in our DNA nearly 50 years later. We use racers as a test bed for our products in virtually every form of motorsports. The racing environment is tough on every part of the car, so we know that if our products can help make champions on the race track, they will help your car or truck on your daily commute.

From NASCAR and drag racing to Formula Drift and Monster Jam, K&N products are torture tested in almost every form of racing. This allows our engineers to receive continual feedback on the quality of the products we produce.

Performance Filter Top

K&N air filters are designed, engineered, and built with performance in mind. Traditional air filters are made from folded paper, which can be a hindrance to airflow. K&N uses cotton gauze as the filtration media, which breathes better than paper for increased airflow and performance.

K&N intake systems feature smooth, wide tubes for improved airflow from the filter to the engine. They also locate the filter in an area where it will receive plenty of cold, fresh air from the outside. These features are all part of the equation that adds up to a guaranteed increase in performance from your vehicle.

K&N performance oil filters are built to help keep the life blood of your engine clean. From the resin impregnated cellulose filter media for outstanding protection to the heavy duty construction that can handle extreme conditions, K&N oil filters are built for performance.

Built For You

Performance Intakes

Performance Intakes

Just like people, your vehicle needs to breathe clean, fresh air. K&N intakes help you give your car the air it needs. From the high flow, oiled cotton air filters to the smooth bore intake tubes that promote airflow while limiting turbulence, K&N intake systems are designed for performance.


High-Flow Air Filters

High-Flow Air Filters™

K&N offers different level of performance for your vehicle. If you have a daily driver that doesn’t need an intake system, K&N has replacement air filters that are designed to increase the performance of your vehicle. They are washable and reusable, and come with a 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty.