K&N Replacement ATV and Motorcycle Oil Filters

  • Uniform pleated Synthetic filter media provides high capacity and outstanding filtration
  • Premium Synthetic Media allows for high-flow rates associated with Synthetic and Synthetic blended oils
  • Protected by a heavy-duty canister and base plate, with a double-rolled seal
  • Check-Valve/Anti-drain Back Valve prevents drain-back and dry starts(where applicable)
  • Pre-Lubed base gasket provides excellent seal
  • 17mm Hex Nut Allows Easy-On, Easy Wrench-Off®
  • Pre-drilled for Safety Wire security
  • K&N Limited Warranty®

K&N Oil Filter Installation


  1. With a clean cloth or towel, wipe away any remaining used oil or debris from the mounting surface.
  2. Apply a thin coat of new engine oil to the O-Ring surface of the new oil filter.
  3. Carefully install the New Oil Filter onto the threads and spin-on until contact is made with the crankcase base.
  4. With your hand, turn the New Oil Filter ¾ to 1 full turn to fully seat the oil filter. Do not overtighten.
  5. Start the engine and check for any oil leaks.

K&N Replacement ATV and Motorcycle Oil Filters

K&N ATV & Motorcycle Oil Filters

K&N motorcycle and ATV oil filters provide outstanding filtration levels and a high oil flow rate. They are able to handle heavy duty applications and helps block foreign materials. They are great all types of oils and will add increased performance to your motorcycle or ATV. K&N offers premium Wrench-Off, Pro-Series, Cartridge and Billet Oil Filters for a range of motorcycle and ATV applications. K&N delivers a premium ATV and motorcycle oil filter which is built to withstand the high demands of racing conditions. A large filter media provides high-flow rates and outstanding oil filtration to keep your motor running clean and smooth. K&N oil filters deliver performance and confidence!