There are a few basic things vital to life. One of those is air. And clean air is important to many people, especially with allergies or small children. What is the first thing you do when you get a waft of an unpleasant smell in your car? Probably reach for those A/C controls. But what happens if the A/C is the one causing the unpleasant odor?

More and more new vehicles are coming with cabin air filters to help cleanse the air you breathe. K&N’s line of cabin air filters is designed to protect you and your loved ones from unpleasant and potentially harmful dust, fungus, pollen, and anything else that may be in the air outside. These harmful contaminants can not only trigger allergy symptoms, but can damage for your car’s interior as well.

Keep The Outside Out

Cabin Filter Outside Air

The world around us is full of smells ranging from pleasant to downright disgusting. Your car takes you all over and during your travels, you will encounter these smells. We at K&N have taken it upon ourselves to make the cabin of your vehicle a more enjoyable environment. Because the last thing you want is to be able to smell every piece of trash in the trash truck in front of you.

Through the use of synthetic materials and a special, static inducing spray, K&N has produced a washable and reusable cabin air filter. This new filter not only captures pollutants in the air, but also helps to rid the air of those unpleasant odors you might encounter on your daily adventures.

Cabin Air Filter Installed

With K&N’s new line of cabin air filters, protecting the people in your car from potentially harmful contaminants in the air has never been easier. The paper cabin air filter that comes in your vehicle from the dealer is good at stopping those pollutants, but over time that paper filter can become saturated and actually slow airflow coming out of your vents.

Thanks to our exacting research and development and quality control standards, K&N cabin air filters are designed to be a simple swap into your vehicle. Each filter is designed to perfectly match the outside dimensions of the filter it replaces. Within the filter, the media consists of a synthetic material surrounded by aluminum mesh for a strong filter that will last.

Built For You

Washable Cabin Air Filters

Washable Cabin Air Filters

The air we breathe is necessary for us to thrive. As the population grows and more and more people are moving into urban cities, that is putting even more pollution in our air. A K&N washable cabin air filter can help clean that air so the only thing you need to worry about while sitting in traffic, is the road ahead of you.


Cabin Air Filter Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

When you buy a K&N air filter, cabin air filter, or cold air intake, you can rest assured that the product you bought will clean the air that passes through it. However, what happens when the filter is at its saturation point? Rather than throwing it out, you can clean your K&N air filter and reinstall it again and again.