K&N Installer Air Filter and Air Intake Warranties & Diagnostic Services

K&N O/E Replacement Air Filters and Air Intake Systems purchased from Authorized Dealers are backed by a Million Mile Limited Warranty when used primarily on paved roads and on vehicles for which they were designed. If one of these products ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, K&N will replace it. See our Product Warranty page for full details.

Unlike many companies, K&N's warranty does extend beyond the replacement of a defective K&N part. For the original purchaser of the product, our warranty covers any engine damages or related costs incurred as a direct result of the use of a properly installed and maintained replacement air filter or intake system. See our Product Warranty page for full details.

K&N supports professional service providers who install and maintain K&N replacement air filters and intake systems. In the event a properly installed and maintained K&N product causes damage to an engine in any way, we will cover the cost of labor associated with the technician's removal and replacement of a K&N part covered under our Engine Protection Limited Warranty. This is at a standard hourly rate of $80 per hour for the labor units listed in the "Mitchell 1 Mechanical Labor Estimating Guide", or similar publication. Upon receipt of a valid repair order listing the removal or replacement of a K&N product covered under our Engine Protection Limited Warranty, K&N will issue reimbursement within 5-7 business days.

K&N refers 1.5 million consumers to local stores and installers each year. These are consumers who have already educated themselves about our product and are ready to buy. Furthermore, approximately 45% of K&N consumers tell us they do not like to work on their own car (K&N web survey, over 100,000 participants). In order to take advantage of this business opportunity, we offer an AUTHORIZED INSTALLER PROGRAM. This program enables your approved business to be registered on our web site and participate in our referral program. It also entitles you to purchase K&N product from many K&N distributors throughout the US or from K&N directly if you are experiencing difficulty obtaining our product. Either way, you can be guaranteed next day service for all K&N part numbers offered for sale and in many cases, we can align you with a distributor that can offer same day "hot shot" delivery services to allow you to sell K&N to consumers during the time you are in possession of their vehicle. Finally, we also offer programs where you can purchase, earn or automatically receive K&N sales literature or product displays that will help your consumers know that "K&N is installed and serviced here." See our K&N Dealer page for more information and to register your business for our Authorized Installer Program.

K&N operates its own in-house air filtration laboratory, built in consultation with Southwest Research Institute, one of the preeminent testing companies in the world. The lab houses two filtration test stands capable of performing filtration efficiency tests under ISO 5011 test protocol, a mass airflow sensor test stand capable of measuring a sensor's output, a microscopic examination station capable of viewing objects at 500x magnification, and trained, experienced technicians to operate these pieces of test equipment year round.

For vehicles using K&N products, K&N offers free diagnostic services on some engine parts and any K&N part thought to be faulty or the cause of any engine damage. These services include microscopic, electronic and chemical testing of mass airflow sensors and in-service K&N air filters. We can test air filters for both air flow and filtration efficiency to determine whether a filter is performing in a manner consistent with its design specifications. In order to obtain these diagnostic services, please contact K&N Customer Support at 1(800)858-3333 or e-mail us at

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