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K&N® offers a state-of-the-art electronic carburetor injection system (ECI), providing automotive enthusiasts worldwide with a legitimate alternative to expensive aftermarket EFI systems. After installing your new ECI system, hiccups on cold starts can be a relic of the past.

Traditionally, achieving an easy cold start required aftermarket EFI systems—which are often prohibitively expensive, time-consuming to install, and confusing to tune.


The K&N Electronic Carburetor Injection, or ECI, is a bolt-on system that adds a supplemental fuel source to your engine. The system consists of a carb spacer plate with a fuel block and injector, an ECU, and a wide band O2 sensor. The plate has a provision for the fuel injector. When needed, the injector squirts atomized fuel into the air stream passing through the spacer plate.

In a way, the ECI system works like an EFI system that reads the air/fuel ratio fed to it from an included O2 sensor that you install in your exhaust. Where this differs from EFI, is that it is used in conjunction with the carburetor. Any time the system detects a lean condition, the injector will kick on to bring the AFR back to spec, but the engine is still fed primarily by the carb. The ECI acts as a supplement to your existing carburated setup, rather than a complete replacement system such as EFI or TBI.

The brain of the ECI system is the ECU, which vigilantly monitors the input from the oxygen sensor to ensure an optimal air-to-fuel ratio is maintained. If the system detects an AFR higher than the user-defined limit, the injector will fire. Unlike a typical electronic fuel injection system, the ECI works cooperatively with your existing carburetor, supporting the fuel flow rates that high-horsepower vehicles require to operate efficiently. If your engine is performing lean, K&N’s ECI system will help make up for the fuel deficit.

While users can opt to set only basic parameters if they choose, other more specific parameters—like injector pulse width, shot volume, progressive injector firing, and minimum/maximum RPM range—are all alterable, making the system extremely versatile.

K&N’s Electronic Carburetor Injection is very easy to install and can be done in a matter of hours, not days like some EFI kits. The three major components are the spacer plate with injector, the ECU with wiring harness, and the wideband O2 sensor. While some EFI kits require a new fuel pump, reservoir tank, and return fuel line, the ECI includes virtually everything you will need for it to function. All you need to add is a second fuel line to feed the injector. The install can be accomplished in your driveway with common hand tools.

Some people love the process of tuning a carburetor and dialing in the fuel curve. However, even a well tuned carb goes through ups and downs throughout the RPM range. The ECI will smooth out this curve even with a well-tuned carb. Still others have invested into their carbureted setup and don’t want to scrap it and start over with a full EFI setup. If either of these situations apply to you, ECI is your answer!

High horsepower engines naturally require higher fuel flow rates to run efficiently. K&N’s ECI is the answer that owners of these vehicles have been looking for. ECI can help where your carb falls flat. Whether it is at the strip, on the street, or on the road course, if you experience hesitation or power delays with your carburetor, K&N’s ECI will feed your engine that additional fuel it is lacking.

Also available is a K&N ECI system for Dominator carburetors, which includes a second fuel injector and fuel block. Whether you have a Holley 4150 (part no. 20-0001), a Holley Dominator (part no. 20-0003), or a Quadrajet-style carburetor (part no. 20-0002), the K&N ECI can have clear advantages over traditional EFI systems when you want to increase the efficiency of your existing hardware. With the ECI, you can look forward to easy installation, cost-effectiveness, and self-tuning functionality.


Classic Muscle

If you are into classic muscle cars but are tired of the headaches associated with carburetors, K&N’s ECI system is the perfect choice. It will help with cold starts, mid-range hesitation, elevation and temperature changes, and much more. No need to go with a full EFI system, try K&N’s ECI out.

Drag Racing

Drag racers will see marked improvements with K&N’s ECI over their carburetor fed engines. Carburetors can be finicky and be all over the place down the track from fat to lean. The K&N ECI system prevents those conditions by adding fuel to prevent the engine from running lean.

Crate Engines

Did you just drop a crate engine into your car and want to stick with the carburetor look but can’t stand the associated problems? K&N’s ECI will give your crate engine the look and feel of a carburetor-fed engine without the hassle. Try it out and see for yourself.


Do you have a runabout with a carbureted V6 or even twin V8s in a go-fast boat and have to battle through carb issues every time you take it out? If you don’t want to mess with EFI but are sick of carbs, K&N’s ECI is the answer!


When comparing K&N’s Electronic Carburetor Injection to a full electronic fuel injection system, the benefits of ECI are clear. While there are benefits to an EFI or TBI system, K&N ECI is a less expensive and simpler choice for anyone who is looking to spend more time enjoying their carbureted car, and less time working on it.

Thanks to its supplemental and adaptive design, the K&N ECI system is the perfect middle ground between a straight carburetor and a full EFI system. Whether you have a Holley 4150, Holley Dominator, or Quadrajet style carburetor, the K&N ECI system will solve the fuel delivery issues you may be experiencing.