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K&N Engineering has been designing, manufacturing and enhancing High-Flow Air Filters for the automotive aftermarket for over 40 years. We invented the High-Flow Technology involved in offering the best air filter on the market. K&N manufactures more air filters than any other manufacturer of similar products. We offer thousands of air filters for just about any air filtration need, however, when there is a need for an air filter that is not available, our Custom Air Filter Program may be able to fill the need. Our Custom Air Filter Program offers more than 120 million custom air filter combinations. These combinations include most air filter types.

K&N's Custom Air Filter Program was designed to help consumers with unique air filter needs where there is no other alternative other than a custom made air filter. To get started make sure you search to see if we already make an air filter for your needs using our dimension search. If you do not see an existing part number that fits your specific need, contact K&N Customer Service and ask about our Custom Air Filter Program. When you call be prepared to provide a description of your air filter needs including the desired quantity and the air filter type and dimensions. If we make a filter that is close to what you need, provide us with the part number and how we could change it to meet your needs. For example if you need an air filter just like our except you need it to be 5" in length instead of 6", this will give us the information we need to build your custom air filter.

Once we have reviewed your specifications, our customer service department will contact you and provide a quote. Our usual turnaround time is two to four weeks. Volume discounts are available depending on the number of units ordered.

As the leader in air filtration technology, K&N feels it is important to provide consumers and businesses with a source for obtaining air filters that are not available through normal purchasing channels and our Custom Air Filter Program is available to fill that need.