K&N parts matching MicroGard 3882 cabin air filter

The MicroGard 3882 cabin air filter cross references with the K&N cabin air filter parts below. K&N offers compatible cabin air filters for many MicroGard cabin air filters giving you an alternative.
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K&N Cabin Air Filter
  • Electrostatically Charged to Hold Dirt and Dust
  • Easy to Clean and Reuse
Eric, Farmington, Connecticut
K&N Cabin Filter My application is a 2001 Audi TT replacement of an old dirty cabin filter. I use t the K&N product because it's washable and re-useable were the original is paper and when it's dirty you dispose of it. The K&N product has a rubber outside edge which makes it a little larger than the old paper filter. It takes some squeezing of the rubber to fit it into the Audi's plastic frame. Once the filter is in the frame you are good to go, everything slides into place. This is a real easy job to complete, even if you are not an auto mechanic type.
Ubaldo Morales, Paradise, California
Having returned to The Camp Fire Area which was devastated by fire, clean interior air flowing into my vehicle is a priority. I've been using K&N products for many years and was pleased to find this cabin filter for my vehicle. I am already experiencing the benefits of this filter along with my dogs. One loyal customer.
Ian, Stuart, Virginia
This filter is worth the money. My factory filter kept getting chewed up by mice, and was constantly getting filled up with leaves. I replaced it with the new K&N reusable wire filter. It works perfect, its very breathable, and the rodents can't chew through it.
VF2012 K&N VF2012 Cabin Air Filter
List Price: $68.29
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