K&N parts matching Fram CF10729 cabin air filter

The Fram CF10729 cabin air filter cross references with the K&N cabin air filter parts below. K&N offers compatible cabin air filters for many Fram cabin air filters giving you an alternative.
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K&N Cabin Air Filter
  • Electrostatically Charged to Hold Dirt and Dust
  • Easy to Clean and Reuse
David Riley , Valencia, California
I had my cabin air filter installed while I was having the A/C Serviced. The mechanics had huddled together looking at the box. I asked if they have ever seen a K&N Cabin Air Filter and they were going to buy one for their car's vent units. Performance is excellent so far as its only been a month since installation, but with K&N I know that I made the right decision.
Ryan, Brandon, Manitoba
Fits like a glove in my 2016 RAM 1500 5.7L. Better airflow now coming from Cabin vents vs. paper pleated filter. Would highly recommend to RAM owners.
Doug McQueen, Edmonton, Canada
The day that it arrived within 1/2 hour it was in...too soon to notice a difference.
VF2013 K&N VF2013 Cabin Air Filter
List Price: $64.79
Your Price: $41.99