K&N parts matching Champ Labs. CAF1914 cabin air filter

The Champ Labs. CAF1914 cabin air filter cross references with the K&N cabin air filter parts below. K&N offers compatible cabin air filters for many Champ Labs. cabin air filters giving you an alternative.
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K&N Cabin Air Filter
  • Electrostatically Charged to Hold Dirt and Dust
  • Easy to Clean and Reuse
Ryan, Oklahoma
Comes pre-charged and ready for immediate install. Filter is obviously 1000% better quality than stock just by comparing the two side by side. Has a grip molded into the side that will help make periodically pulling it out to recharge easy. Straight forward instructions . 2 screws on top. 2 screws on the bottom. One of the bottom screws is tough to see because it's hidden a bit by plastic. It's located toward the center console underneath the glove compartment.
David , Troy, New York
Just started to use this and it seems to be working great. It fit in perfect and is worth the money.
Humer 101, New Jersey
Excellent filter way better then the original.
VF2044 K&N VF2044 Cabin Air Filter
List Price: $64.59
Your Price: $41.99