K&N parts matching Champ Labs. CAF1890P cabin air filter

The Champ Labs. CAF1890P cabin air filter cross references with the K&N cabin air filter parts below. K&N offers compatible cabin air filters for many Champ Labs. cabin air filters giving you an alternative.
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K&N Cabin Air Filter
  • Electrostatically Charged to Hold Dirt and Dust
  • Easy to Clean and Reuse
Grant Stange, Guyton, Michigan
Great product! Bought one for of my vehicles. Absolutely satisfied. Big difference in air flow and quality. Highly recommended for everyone. Thank you K&N for bringing it to market.
Wolfie Fraser, Rockville, Maryland
Will let you know how the filter worked. I've used K&N before and was pleased with the results. Thanks!
Kevin Giraldo, Pacifica, California
WOW! Of course K&N would make an outstanding cabin filter for my 2015 Durango. And of course I would love it. Amazing!
VF3012 K&N VF3012 Cabin Air Filter
List Price: $72.39
Your Price: $46.99