K&N parts matching Champ Labs. CAF1807P cabin air filter

The Champ Labs. CAF1807P cabin air filter cross references with the K&N cabin air filter parts below. K&N offers compatible cabin air filters for many Champ Labs. cabin air filters giving you an alternative.
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K&N Cabin Air Filter
  • Electrostatically Charged to Hold Dirt and Dust
  • Easy to Clean and Reuse
Jack Rudolph, Baltimore, Maryland
K&N has extended their industry-leading filter technologies to an often overlooked application the cabin filter. Road dust, allergens and engine exhaust all make their way to you vehicle's interior without a cabin filter. K&N has devised a washable lifetime filter that combats these pollutants leaving you vehicle cleaner with better quality air.
Michael Murphy, Monroe, New York
The K&N cabin filter for my 2008 Mustang is superior in quality to the stock filter that I took out of the car. Much appreciated.
Tom Williams, Austin, Texas
Excellent fit and function! Included were very easy to follow instructions and the design makes it so that it can only be installed one way so no possible mistakes.
VF2020 K&N VF2020 Cabin Air Filter
List Price: $68.29
Your Price: $43.99