K&N parts matching BMC FB21901D air filter

The BMC FB21901D air filter cross references with the K&N air filter parts below. K&N offers compatible air filters for many BMC air filters giving you an alternative.
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K&N Replacement Air Filter
  • Designed to Increase Power
  • Million Mile Limited Warranty
Gustavo Jose Solano Esteves, Medley, Florida
Just awesome! K&N filters rule.
Charles Larson, Big Rock, Tennessee
Perfect fit as expected. The major advantage I can see without any modifications is that the filter only fills less than 1/3 of my standard air box. The air box gets its air form a tube from the fender well. The tube extends into the air box and is open on the bottom so any water that has made it that far is dumped in the bottom to be drained by a hole in the bottom. So a thinner more efficient filter allows space for a greater volume of air in the box. Giving the air time to slow down drop any water, dirt, bugs,heavy stuff also now my engine has a greater supply of air available to pull into the filter and into the engine. My stock system that was engineered has been improved in 10 minutes. With a 2.5 ton dog every little bit helps.😀
John Hargreaves, Lancs, United Kingdom
Excellent, noticeable change in vehicle performance.
33-2788 K&N 33-2788 Replacement Air Filter
List Price: $89.09
Your Price: $56.99