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K&N® air filter cleaning supplies are available for both cotton and synthetic filters—removing filter-clogging build-up and helping restore your filter to exceptional performance. High-Flow Air Filters™ are composed of oiled cotton media, and should be cleaned with K&N® Power Kleen™ industrial strength degreaser before the re-application of filter oil. Synthetic filters should be cleaned with K&N synthetic air filter cleaner before being rinsed clean with water, and do not require filter oil.


K&N air filter cleaning kits include both filter cleaner and filter oil, which are designed to service any K&N oiled cotton air filter. Regular servicing can help restore airflow efficiency, allowing the filter to operate virtually as new.

Cotton Air Filter Cleaning Kits

Remove Contaminants, Restore Performance

K&N’s four-step air filter maintenance system is designed to clean any K&N oiled cotton air filter—removing contaminants and build-up in order to help restore filter performance. Power Kleen™ industrial strength degreaser helps dissolve dirt, old filter oil, and other filter-clogging particulates, allowing them to be rinsed away easily with water. Please see complete instructions on the bottle.

Universal Clean

Maintenance kit for all K&N High-Flow Air Filters.

Protect Your Filter

Helps restore airflow efficiency.

Cabin Air Filter Refresher™ Kit

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Cabin Air Filter with Cleaner
Clean & Refresh K&N Cabin Air Filters

The K&N cabin air filter Refresher ™ kit includes a 12-ounce pump spray bottle of cabin filter cleaner that loosens dirt, road grime, mold, mildew, allergens, and other debris, and also includes an 8-ounce bottle of cabin air filter refresher. The refresher increases the electrostatic properties of the cabin air filter, helping increase its ability to capture airborne contaminants.

Remove Contaminants

Helps remove trapped mold, mildew, fungus, spores, allergens, bacteria, viruses and germs.

Simple Cleaning Procedure

Simple cleaning and refreshing procedure to help restore airflow efficiency.

Everything you Need to Clean Included

Includes 12-ounce cabin air filter cleaner (spray bottle) and 8-ounce cabin air Refresher™ (spray bottle).

More Ways to Clean

K&N Cleaning Products

Visit our full cleaning page to see all air filter cleaning oils, cleaning sprays, industrial strength degreasers, and more.

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