2016 Ford F150 2.7L V6 Cabin Air Filter

2016 Ford F150 2.7L V6 Cabin Air Filter
  • Cleans and freshens incoming air
  • Electrostatically charged to capture most mold, mildew, pollen, spores, fungus and germs
  • Designed to fit 2016 Ford F150 with the 2.7L engine
  • Washable and reusable cabin filter
  • A K&N F150 cabin air filter is easy to clean and reuse
  • 10 year / 1,000,000 Mile Limited Warranty
  • Pre-treated and ready to install
K&N cabin air filters for the Ford F150 are designed to be cleaned and reused over and over again. These 2016 Ford F150 cabin filters produce an electrostatic charge that helps capture mold, mildew, pollen, spores, fungus and germs.

K&N Cabin Air Filters for 2016 Ford F150 help eliminate the source of most odors and is made from safe, biodegradable ingredients. Select the Product Info button below to see everything the cabin filter fits.

2016 Ford F150 2.7L V6 Fuel Injection - All Models
Besides getting to the filter box and opening it in general (thanks Ford for making something that shouldn't be difficult... difficult - oh and make sure you have a torx bit to unscrew it), this filter is great. It pops in easy enough, and so far, my air breathes pretty nicely. For a cabin air filter, I'm really glad that it's washable and reusable because cabin air filters in general can add up over time in a place where you have to change them often. Have the K&N cabin air filters for both my F150 and Mustang, and they are great. The filter for the Mustang was directional. As for my F150, wasn't sure, but was told by K&N after asking that it should pop in where their logo right side up (so it can be read normally). I got the drop in air filters under the hood as well for both vehicles, and they work great too. As always, thanks K&N for a great product.
, Houston, Texas
Cabin Air Filter
K&N VF2049
  • Electrostatically Charged to Hold Dirt and Dust
  • Easy to Clean and Reuse
VF2049 2016 Ford F150 2.7L V6 Fuel InjectionCabin Air Filter
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