World's Fastest Motorcycle Reaches 350.884 MPH at Bonneville Salt Flats

Chris Carr broke the world motorcycle land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats with his new BUB Enterprises Streamliner motorcycle. The five-time defending AMA Ford Quality Checked Flat Track Champion re-wrote the record books at the International Motorcycle Speed Trials by BUB. Carr ran a two pass 350.8 mph average which included a monster 354 mph pass in the Denis Manning designed BUB streamliner.

Record Breaking Ford Quality Checked BUB Streamliner
Record Breaking Ford Quality Checked BUB Streamliner
His record became official on September 7 by representatives from sanctioning bodies at Bonneville Salt Flats’ FIM/AMA Sports. Earlier on Thursday, the ACK Attack team scrambled at the salts in an effort to top Carr. The drama unfolded after the ACK Attack was unable to complete their mission, hit the chutes early and pulled off the track.

Several million dollars went into the V-four turbo-charged three liter motor designed and built by Manning. It reaches nearly 500 horsepower and is in a chassis made of Kevlar and carbon fiber.

K&N Engineering supports the team with its Performance Gold High-Flow Oil Filter HP-3002. “I wanted to thank K&N for their long time support of the BUB Streamliner World Record attempt,” said Carr. “K&N’s high quality oil filters give us assurance that the motor will run smoothly and without restriction. At these speeds we cannot have engine failure.”

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