World's Fastest Motorcycle is K&N Sponsored BUB Streamliner Seven

The K&N sponsored BUB Streamliner Seven has set a new motorcycle world record of 367.382 mph in the Land Speed Shootout on the Bonneville Salt Flats. That makes pilot Chris Carr the fastest man on two wheels.

The World's Fastest Motorcycle is the K&N sponsored BUB Streamliner Seven
The World's Fastest Motorcycle is the K&N sponsored BUB Streamliner Seven
In the first run of the day at the Salts, Carr was blown off course by a side wind. He went through the 4 ¼ mile marker flag on the edge of the course at over 300 mph. The run was aborted and the Bub Streamliner was taken back to the starting line for another attempt.

On the next run, Carr moved about 31 feet off his line in the measured mile but kept it wide open to record a run of 367.809 mph. The team then had only two hours to prepare the machine for his return run. For a Bonneville record, pilots must make two good runs and then average the speeds. Carr next went through the measured mile at 366.956 mph for a two way average of 367.382 mph and the new world record.

The K&N sponsored BUB Streamliner Seven is the first motorcycle to break 350 mph. It has a revolutionary composite frame and is equipped with a K&N oil filter, part number HP-3002.

The BUB Streamliner Seven is powered by a 3 liter, turbocharged 16 valve V4 engine that produces nearly 500 horsepower and 400 lb-fit of torque @ 8500 rpm. “Our K&N oil filter did its job with the stresses put on the motor and the oil pressure and flow required to run over 360 mph,” said Carr. “We would not use anything else. K&N oil filters give us the assurance that our motor will run smooth and without restriction. At these speeds we cannot have engine failure.”

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