USAC Gerhardt Classic is About Fast Laps for K&N Sponsored Racer

The first race of the USAC Western Sprint Car Series will take place at Madera Speedway in Madera, California April 14th. The Gerhardt Classic is a USAC Midget and Sprint car combination show. It is one of the biggest race events in the west for open wheel drivers and fans.

K&N Sponsored Wingless Sprint Car Racer Ryan Kaplan
K&N Sponsored Wingless Sprint Car Racer Ryan Kaplan
Ryan Kaplan tested his new wingless pavement sprint car for this series at Madera last week.

20-year-old Ryan Kaplan
20-year-old Ryan Kaplan
His goal was to be consistent, smooth and fast. “When we got to the track, we pushed out for our first set of practice laps and my first set in a pavement sprint car,” he said. “I used the session to get the feel of the car.”

The K&N Engineering sponsored racer did well in his second set of practice laps. “I worked up to speed and pushed the car a little harder each lap,” said Kaplan. “The V8 360 cubic inch engine can put out 780 horsepower.”

During the third and last practice set there was a problem with the throttle. “My crew chief found the problem and plans to change the springs before Madera,” said Kaplan. “I noticed great horsepower when I cornered because of our K&N Air Box. Our K&N Oil Filter also did really well. It helps keep debris out of the engine. I’m grateful to K&N for supplying us with the best Air and Oil Filters in the business.”

Kaplan tested well overall and said he is looking forward to the Gerhardt Classic, the first USAC event in Kaplan's 12 pavement only race schedule.

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