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Ultra-busy Snow Bike Athlete Brock Hoyer Eyes More Winter X Games Gold

K&N-sponsored snow bike athlete Brock Hoyer’s resume is impressive. 2017 was especially golden for Hoyer. He started the year by securing the X Games Snow BikeCross gold medal. He later won the Snow Bike King of the Hill title at the Jackson Hole Hill Climb World Championships. Hoyer also rode away with the Canadian Snow Bike MX Championship.

Brock Hoyer jumping in the winter X Games

Brock Hoyer is flying high in the snow bike world (photo X Games)

Hoyer honed his skills in motocross, competing in both the Canadian Arenacross and Supercross circuits. However, he has garnered his most significant success on treads and skis rather than knobby tires. At first, Hoyer saw snow bikes as a way to train for dirt bike racing, but now he is considered a snow bike pioneer as his competitive focus has shifted.

Snow biking is a visually spectacular sport, and many of Hoyer’s backcountry free-riding videos have become viral. In fact, his video shoot schedule is as busy as his competitive schedule. Balancing training, competition, performing, testing, and retaining some kind of family life is one of Hoyer’s biggest challenges.

Of all of the activities on his busy schedule, the X Games hold a special attraction for Hoyer. When he discusses the competition, it becomes clear why he wants more of the X Games gold.

Brock Hoyer discusses his busy schedule including the X Games

Hoyer's snow bike calendar is filled with races, testing, and filming

“X Games is probably one of the coolest things I’ve been to,” says Hoyer. “It’s just super cool. Everything it looks like on TV, it really is. The environment, the atmosphere, the energy – it’s pretty cool. It’s definitely game-changing.”

Hoyer knows that his success on the snow is dependent on the reliability of his snow bike, and getting the most performance to the tread.

“I believe we are on the best product, the strongest product, the fastest product,” Hoyer says. “I use Junior Jackson to build all of my motors, and he trusts K&N to get the freshest air, to get the most power to these bikes…I want to get as much power to the ground as I can.”

K&N is a proud supporter of Brock Hoyer in all of his snow bike endeavors. Learn more about K&N's line of performance filters for motorcycles and find one for your bike here.

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