Ultimate Street Car Challenge For Sport Compact Car Magazine Cover Begins at K&N Engineering

The Ultimate Street Car Challenge began at K&N Engineering’s Riverside, California facility. For the fifth year in a row, engines roared in the K&N garage as they were tested on the dynamometers to help determine the best street car in North America.

Ed Haroutonian and his 1969 2002 Model BMW
Ed Haroutonian and his 1969 2002 Model BMW
Brent Mattraw (center) and 200l Audi S4
Brent Mattraw (center) and 2001 Audi S4
In the challenge testing is done over a period of days to determine peak and overall engine power, skid pad g-force, stopping distance on brakes, emissions, fuel economy, quarter mile acceleration, engineering and raw displays of power.
Cars line up at K&N for the Ultimate Street Car Challengeat O'Reilly Raceway Park Cars line up at K&N for Ultimate Street Car Challenge
Testing on K&N dyno
Testing on K&N dyno

Competitors vie for the ultimate prize which is a picture of the winning vehicle on the cover of Sport Compact Car Magazine. “We appreciate the level of support provided by K&N Engineering,” said Joey Leh, Sport Compact Car Editor. “I can’t think of another facility that is this large and allows us to participate in side-by-side dyno testing. The staff is also very knowledgeable.”

Brent Mattraw, owner of a 2001 Audi S4 entered in the Street Car Challenge was also happy with the K&N Staff. “It’s awesome to turn over the keys to my car to a very professional crew at K&N,” he said. “There is never any drama and K&N people know how everything works. The group is always very helpful. The dyno room is great. I’ve used K&N Filters my whole life.”

Ed Haroutonian is competing in the 2007 Ultimate Street Car Challenge with his 1969 2002 model BMW. “My car tested very well in the first category,” he said. “I use K&N Oil Filter HP-2009, it is a great product.”

The first day is over, cars were judged by a team of experts for their presentation and engineering. Cars battle it out next at California Speedway in Fontana, California.

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