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Twister Motorsports Keep it Twisted - Running Sprint and Enduro Cars Plus Quads on Ice

#15 360 and 410 Series Sprint Car
#15 360 and 410 Series Sprint Car
This year Mark Bitner's very adaptable Twister Motorsports team started running 360 Sprint Cars in the United Racing Company (URC) series, traveling to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware in the process. "We had some motor issues early on in the season that we finally worked out," comments Bitner. "We had a lot of good runs, but about half way through the season, we were approached with an opportunity we just couldn't refuse."
#202 SS Sprint Car
#202 SS Sprint Car

That opportunity came in the form of a 410 Sprint Car motor that they were able to run in their existing car. The 410 is a much more competitive series than the team was familiar with, yet they jointly felt up to the challenge and were in fact rather excited by the prospect.

"Our first race was a USAC race at Big Diamond Speedway in Pennsylvania. After that we ran primarily at Port Royal Speedway, which is also in Pennsylvania. Understandably we had a few kinks to work out in the motor, but overall we had multiple top 15 finishes and considering the competition our new team was up against – we were very happy with the outcomes," adds Bitner.

Given the occasion, Twister Motorsports will also select to run in a variety of other racing events each year. For example, this year that included building and running an Enduro car. The team agreed to build the car as a bonding and "letting loose" project. "We wanted to put the car together so the crew could have some fun and to combat the racing blues we were feeling from the multiple run-outs we experienced. We also sometimes run an SS Sprint, and we will even race Quads on Ice," says Bitner.
#2 1972 Buick Enduro Car
#2 1972 Buick Enduro Car

The team's Sprint cars are already being prepared for the 2010 season. Their primary car remains the 2009 Maxim that they started running last year, and it will continue to be their car to watch. The team's secondary ride is a 2007 Maxim, it will remain waiting in the wings, ready to spring into action should it be called upon.

"We would not be able to get through our season if it weren't for the generous support of K&N and their wonderful products. All of our racing equipment, from the Sprint cars, to the truck that pulls the trailer, are all equipped with K&N air and oil filters. And if you check under the hoods of all the crew when they pull into the shop at night, you will find K&N products under there as well. Not to mention that all of our vehicles sport the K&N logo, even my wife's VW," proclaims Bitner.

"We hope 2010 will be another exciting year for Twister Motorsports. As for me personally, I already know I am in for some big changes, my wife and I are expecting our first baby in December. Twister Motorsports will be undergoing some changes as well. We are looking forward to running 410 Sprint cars exclusively. If all goes as planned, we will run primarily at Port Royal and a few select Outlaw races. We will also continue to run the SS Sprint when the schedule allows."

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