Trophy Truck Racer Ready for Best in the Desert Series Off-Road Race

The pace of the race is abusive, the terrain unforgiving, but it is spring in the Nevada desert and time for the Best in the Desert Terrible’s Town 250. This off-road race is considered a sprint race through some of the deepest silt beds and boulder fields.

Damien Jefferies in K&N sponsored Trophy Truck
Damen Jefferies in K&N sponsored Trophy Truck
Best in the Desert Terrible's Town 250 is next race
Best in the Desert Terrible's Town 250 is next race
“The logistics of the Terrible’s Town 250 are cake compared to the Baja 1000,” said Trophy Truck Racer Damen Jefferies. “But, the pace is intense. Everyone is pushing the limit in this race.”
Damien Jefferies new K&N Trophy Truck has good power Damen Jefferies new K&N Trophy Truck has good power

The race is presented by the Terrible Herbst Casino Corporation and starts in Pahrump, which is about 65 miles from the Las Vegas strip. It is also one of the richest off road races in the United States with a $20,000 purse for the winner.

Damen Jefferies of Oak Hills, California is ready to take on his formidable competitors through the rough and rocky terrain. The K&N Engineering sponsored racer has dominated every class he has driven in. “We built a brand new vehicle for 2007,” said Jefferies. “It’s light as far as trophy trucks go, but it has good power and it accelerates fast.”

Jefferies new K&N sponsored trophy truck was first tested in the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge. He took 11th place out of 36 entries. “Our next race was the Tecate SCORE Baja 250,” he said. “After starting in the 26th position, we were up to 3rd place by race mile 80. That’s when our transmission expired. It’s still early in the game and we’re very optimistic about the rest of the season. We’re racing at Terrible’s Town to get extensive testing on the truck in preparation for the Baja 500.”

Jefferies is ready to get the job done at Pahrump. The K&N trophy truck utilizes a K&N designed air induction system as well as a K&N Performance Oil Filter which provides it with the power and protection it requires. “The bottom line is K&N has better filtering than anybody,” he said. “We can depend on K&N in the toughest and most severe desert conditions.”

By supporting racers like Damen, K&N is able to test and develop the finest products under the most extreme racing environments,” said Mike Rossi, K&N Research and Development Specialist. “Consistent air flow, low maintenance, durability and superior filtration are critical under these conditions. The development that takes place as a result of racing with teams like this improves K&N’s consumer product lines.”

Jefferies will race at Pahrump on April 28.

Follow Damien Jefferies' progress throughout the racing season at the K&N news site. Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.


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