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The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Switches to Four-Wide Racing

The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway is jumping on the four-wide racing bandwagon. It will be the second track in the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series to have four-wide racing. The first four-wide event in Las Vegas will be in April 2018 for the Denso Auto Parts Nationals and the 33rd running of the K&N Horsepower Challenge.

Greg Anderson K and N

zMAX Dragway in North Carolina was the first track to offer four-wide racing. NHRA Pro Stock driver Greg Anderson said it took some time to get used to the four-wide format, but he readily admits it’s a fun event to watch and race in. Anderson, who drives for KB Racing and was the runner-up in the NHRA Pro Stock standings in 2017, said that during the first year of four-wide racing in North Carolina racers had called it crazy and a ridiculous way to race. Some didn’t want to race four-wide again after the first event. “Then the next year it got a little bit easier. The next year, a little bit easier,” Anderson said. “You learn more every year. We didn’t like it to begin with because it was so different. Some of us went out there and looked like fools, made mistakes that you think a rookie driver would make. Once we got a few of them under our belts, it became fine.”

It took time, but the four-wide races in North Carolina turned into one of the more anticipated events. Anderson said the four-wide event in Las Vegas will have the same appeal to drivers and fans. “It’s honestly become one of the more fun races,” Anderson said. “It draws a great crowd, obviously the spectators love it. I think it’s a good move. I’m excited about it.”

Jason Line Las Vegas 4-track

Anderson added that NHRA is not overdoing it either with four-wide events with one or two a year seeming like the right amount.

“If you do it one time a year, by the time it rolls around the next year, you kind of forgotten all the little things you learned the year before how to do it,” Anderson said. “If we do it twice a year, that will make it even easier for us to get a handle on it. The more you do it, the better you get at it. I’m not afraid of it like I used to be.”

Jason Line, Anderson’s teammate at KB Racing, said he isn’t a huge fan of four-wide racing. But he understands how much fans like it and he looks forward to the challenge it brings to racers and crews. “It’s certainly different,” Line said. “If I had to pick and choose, would I choose to race four wide? Maybe not. At the same time it’s something different, exciting. The fans like it. At least they seem to like it. I'm OK with it. It’s definitely different.”

Construction of the new four-lane drag strip is expected to be completed in February.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to do a little bit of drag racing on it in March with some of our local guys to get it broken in before we have the national event,” said Jeff Motley, the vice president of public relations at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. “The four-wide has been a huge success at the zMAX Dragway in Charlotte. This is an opportunity for us to bring four-wide drag racing to people on the West Coast who probably never had the opportunity to experience four-wide drag racing.”

Winners Circle Las Vegas

“It’s going to be a great event because people can see four-wide in the spring and still see two-wide in the fall, a little bit of the best of both worlds.”

Chris McGaha won the four-wide event in the Pro Stock division in North Carolina last year. Steve Torrence won Top Fuel, Ron Capps won Funny Car and LE Tonglet won Pro Stock Motorcycle. The four-wide event in Las Vegas is the fourth event on the NHRA schedule and is set for April 6-8.

“All in all it’s fun. Still a fun weekend,” Line said. “It’ll be entertaining to watch for sure.”

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