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The K&N HA-1016 Air Filter for the Honda Pioneer is Designed to Add Power and Torque

The  Honda Pioneer SxS UTV in the dirt

The K&N HA-1016 helps you get the most out of the Honda Pioneer (photo Honda)

The Honda Pioneer’s 999cc liquid-cooled OHC parallel-twin four-stroke engine has gained a reputation for smooth operation and reliability. That powerplant combined with a competent suspension and comfortable interior has made the Pioneer a popular option in the UTV market.

K&N has developed the HA-1016 direct replacement air filter that is specifically designed to add power as well as deliver a high level of engine protection. That double-edged design goal makes the HA-1016 perfect for the Pioneer’s intended purposes.


Airflow is a primary component of performance. Logically, more airflow to the Pioneer’s twin cylinders enhances the potential for more horsepower and torque. That means better throttle response to boost acceleration and pull the Honda SxS through the tough stuff. K&N increases airflow with a large filtration surface area in the pleated cotton media which offers low restriction.

The K&N HA-1016 for the Honda Pioneer SxS side view

The K&N HA-1016 has added layers of cotton gauze for great protection

That potential performance increase does not require expensive additional re-tuning. No fuel management modifications are required when the HA-1016 is fitted in the stock air box. The Pioneer’s engine management system will adapt to the added airflow the K&N filter will provide.


Protection from the dirt, dust, and grime that a UTV is subjected to is a vital consideration of any filter selection. K&N ensures outstanding protection with multiple layers of woven cotton gauze media.

K&N’s in-house testing revealed that the oil-impregnated media in the HA-1016 has an estimated dirt holding capacity of nearly 120 grams. Additionally, that testing showed both an initial and overall estimated filtration efficiency of nearly 99%. That is remarkable performance. You can study the test data in the ‘Air Filter Test Data’ link on the product page.

The K&N HA-1016 for the Honda Pioneer SxS bottom view

The seal on the K&N HA-1016 ensures a perfect fit in the Honda Pioneer

For a filter to fully protect an engine, it must form a tight seal in the air box. The HA-1016 has an application-specific sealing surface on its carefully engineered filter frame which ensures a precise fit.

Installation and Care

The HA-1016 comes pre-oiled and ready to install in the factory air box. It is as easy to install as the restrictive, disposable air filters it will replace.

When it’s time to clean the reusable filter, all that is needed is a K&N recharge kit like the 99-5000. You will be back on the trail in no time, and you will stop the wasteful cycle of purchasing and disposing of paper filters.

Check the vehicle list below for the UTV that will benefit from the HA-1016

2017 HONDA SXS10M5PH PIONEER 999 - All Models
2017 HONDA SXS10M5LH PIONEER 999 - All Models
2017 HONDA SXS10M5D PIONEER 999 - All Models
2017 HONDA SXS10M3P PIONEER 999 - All Models
2017 HONDA SXS10M3L PIONEER 999 - All Models
2017 HONDA SXS10M3 PIONEER 999 - All Models
2016 HONDA SXS10M5P PIONEER 999 - All Models
2016 HONDA SXS10M5D PIONEER 999 - All Models
2016 HONDA SXS10M3P PIONEER 999 - All Models
2016 HONDA SXS10M3 PIONEER 999 - All Models


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