Teen Kart Racer Wins Trophy at Moran Raceway

Jacob Pearlman took 2nd place over the weekend at Moran Raceway in Beaumont, California. The teen from Carlsbad raced with the Tri-C Karters, competing in the HPV-2 class. Tri-C is one of the largest kart clubs in the nation and has some very competitive racers.
Jacob Pearlman takes 2nd at Moran Raceway
Jacob Pearlman takes 2nd at Moran Raceway

“JP (Jacob Pearlman) was quick through most of the day,” said his father Richard Pearlman. “He had to overcome some surprising mechanical challenges to reach the checkered flag. The day started with a 5 minute practice session that ended a bit early after JP was contacted by another kart and spun in the final section of the course.”

After a quick check, JP’s No. 25 DPK Birel was in working condition minus a broken rear bumper. In the first qualifying lap JP roared down the 860 foot downhill front straight and took the white flag, but was caught off-guard when his steering wheel and column pulled out of the chassis. Speeds at the end of Moran’s front straight can approach 75 mph and the front section of the track abruptly transitions into a hard 90 degree high speed right hand turn.

“It’s difficult to master,” said Pearlman. “And for Jacob, it was incredibly challenging with his steering assembly coming off his go-kart. JP kept his mind on racing and pushed down on the steering wheel as he swung his kart into turn one. He was barely able to get his kart turned as the kart briefly, but completely left the racing surface. JP was able to keep his ride under control before he transitioned back onto the track.”

JP qualified third in the 23 kart field and started on the outside of the front row. At the drop of the green flag for the heat race, JP found himself running in fourth place coming out of Turn One. He moved up to third with a pass in the final turn of the first lap. JP stayed in the line as part of a 4 kart breakaway group until the final lap of the heat. He was able to make another pass and moved into second place. The top 4 karts in the heat race were separated by less than a half of a second as they crossed the finish line.

In the main, JP stayed in line behind the leader as the gap to the rest of the field continued to widen. “His strategy to attempt a last lap pass for the lead was foiled when he and the other lead kart caught lapped traffic on the final circuit of the race,” said Pearlman. “JP’s shot at victory was gone.”

“Considering the challenges we faced it was still a great race day,” said Jacob Pearlman. “I was shocked when the steering wheel and column came up into my hands. It is a strong start to the season for me and my kart and motor were really working well.”

Jacob and Richard Pearlman’s use K&N Engineering products. “We had great horsepower,” said Richard Pearlman. “The K&N Karting Airbox and Filter are an essential part of our race motor package. Jacob just missed clocking the fast lap for the race by .06 seconds.”

JP’s next race is at California Speedway with the Los Angeles Kart Club.

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