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12 Futuristic Vehicle Technologies

night driving

The past century has shown extraordinary strides in automotive advancements—with the creation of turn signals, cruise control, electronic fuel injection, standard air bags, anti-lock braking systems, stability control, smart keys, on-board diagnostics, back-up cameras, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and much more. In the 140 years since the first automobile, it’s hard to deny that we’ve come a long way.

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How K&N High-Flow Air Filters Capture Microscopic Particles

Multi-layered cotton filter media

When holding your K&N® High-Flow Air Filter™ up to a light source, there are often tiny passageways visible in the filter media—which begs the question, if air passages are visible, does that mean that your filter is also allowing dirt particles through to your engine? Thankfully, K&N’s innovative oiled filter design utilizes the magic of physics to capture even microscopic particles, while also allowing for exceptional airflow. Let’s examine how it works.

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