Supersport Bike Enthusiasts Add Performance to Honda CBR600RR with K&N Air Filter

Honda has changed the concept of the supersport class with the all-new CBR600RR. This sportbike is lighter and faster than the competition and the crankcase has been shortened by more than an inch. Honda is marketing the bike with claims of a 17-pound weight loss, (381 pounds with an empty tank) which would make the CBR the lightest supersport bike by a significant margin.
Air Filterr for 2007 to 2016 Honda CBR600RR
Air Filterr for 2007 to 2013 Honda CBR600RR

K&N Engineering has released a new Air Filter (HA-6007) for the 2007 to 2016 Honda CBR600RR. It is engineered to fit into the Honda's factory air box and is held securely in place with a metal frame. There is never any cutting or fitting required.

K&N Motorcycle Air Filters are made of cotton gauze sandwiched between two epoxy-coated aluminum wire screens. The cotton is treated with a specially formulated grade of oil. This causes tackiness throughout the cotton's microscopic strands. The nature of the cotton allows air flow and when combined with the tackiness of our oil, it creates a powerful filtering media that ensures engine protection. K&N's unique pleated design allows for increased filtration along with optimum air flow.

K&N invented the concept of washable, reusable filters more than 35 years ago. Covered by our famous K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty, it will be the last air filter your vehicle will ever need. K&N Air Filter HA-6007 was designed for the following Honda CBR600RR models:

2016 Honda CBR600RR 599
2015 Honda CBR600RR ABS 599
2015 Honda CBR600RR 599
2014 Honda CBR600RR ABS 599
2014 Honda CBR600RR 599
2013 Honda CBR600RR 599
2012 Honda CBR600RR 599
2011 Honda CBR600RR 599
2010 Honda CBR600RR ABS 599
2010 Honda CBR600RR 599
2010 Honda CBR600 RA 600
2009 Honda CBR600RR ABS 599
2009 Honda CBR600RR 599
2009 Honda CBR600 RA 600
2008 Honda CBR600RR 599
2007 Honda CBR600RR 599

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