Sportsman Racers from K&N Engineering Compete at NHRA SPORTSnationals

The NHRA Pacific SPORTsnationals presented by K&N Engineering was a three-day event at California Speedway in Fontana. More than 400 drivers in eight categories competed for points leading to NHRA national titles and a share of $50,000 at Auto Club Dragway.

The SPORTSnationals highlight NHRA sportsman categories. Some of the best Sportsman racers in the West will gather for Competition Eliminator, Super Stock, Stock, Super Comp, Super Gas and Super Street along with the divisions Top Comp and Super Eliminator. K&N's Steve Williams, Bob Harris, Jonathan Fiello and Tom Brown raced in the SPORTSnationals.

K&N's Steve Williams' 1962 Corvette K&N's Steve Williams' 1962 Corvette

Jonathan Fiello's 2003 Undercover Dragster
K&N's Jonathan Fiello's 2003 Undercover Dragster
Tom Brown competes in Competition Eliminator in the F/ED (F/Econo Dragster) class. He drives a 2005 Custom 195” wheel base dragster. “I qualified 15th out of 28 cars,” said Brown. “In the first round of eliminations I had to race against the number five qualifier. He had problems and I was able to win that round. During the second round I faced the number 26 qualifier and I was able to out run him to get the win light. In the third round I faced the number eight qualifier, and lost due to a bad light and not enough performance.”

Brown went out on the Thursday prior to the SPORTSnationals to test a new motor combination. It did not go as well as planned. They were able to make four test runs, but the motor let go on the last one. “We had some work to change motors for the rest of the event,” said Brown. “With our old reliable motor in the car, we ran numbers that we had anticipated.” Brown’s father, Gene Brown built the engine. The car is equipped with a K&N Intake Scoop (100-8505). “We saw an immediate change in the air/fuel ratio the first time we ran with the scoop,” said Brown. “There was more air flow to the carburetors.”

K&N's Bob Harris' 2000 Chevy Corvette K&N's Bob Harris' 2000 Chevy Corvette
K&N's Tom Brown's 2005 Custom Eliminator
K&N's Tom Brown's 2005 Custom Eliminator
K&N’s Jonathan Fiello drives a 2003 Undercover 4-link dragster in the Top Comp class. It has a 638 cubic inch fuel injected big block Chevrolet. “Knowing I’m at the track representing the race sponsor is an honor,” said Fiello. “I feel like there are more eyes on me and this drives me to do better. It also helps with potential and existing customers when questions come up about K&N Products.”

Brown’s best run of the weekend was an 8.527 @ 153.40 mph. “For qualifying in the bottom half of the field, going three rounds of competition is a really good weekend of racing,” said Brown. “The Lucas Oil Divisional Event in Las Vegas is the next race for us.”

K&N’s Jonathan Fiello took second place in a close final round in the Top Comp class. “It felt great to make it to the final but it was heart breaking when I lost,” said Fiello. “It felt as if I was punched in the gut. My dragster (2003 Undercover 638cubic inch fuel injected big block Chevy) ran great. It was consistent all weekend and my reaction times were on the money.”

Fiello uses K&N Oil Filter HP-3002 and K&N’s E-3003. “The K&N Oil Filter is the best in the market and it prevents contaminates from damaging the motor,” he said. “E-3003 covers the fuel injection nozzles and prevents debris from clogging the nozzle. The K&N Products did their job like always.”

At the beginning of the race the track was hot and greasy. “I had to make some adjustments on the car,” said Fiello. “By the middle of the weekend it started to cool down and the track came around. By Sunday the track was awesome. My car did what it was supposed to do and responded to all the adjustments. It was a great weekend and it felt good to do well at a K&N Sponsored event.”

K&N’s Bob Harris drove a 2000 Chevy Corvette. The motor was built at K&N by John Reedy. “I made it through seven rounds,” said Harris. “I lost in the final round. Winning any round is good, winning six and losing one isn’t so bad.”

Steve Williams NHRA career began in 1990. The K&N Vice President of Product Development and Engineering won Division Championships in 1991 and 1998 in Super Comp and Super Gas along with 18 NHRA Career wins. He has compiled 16 semi-final and 4 final round appearances, winning in 2003 at Seattle. At the SPORTSnationals, Williams was eliminated in his 1962 Corvette in the early rounds. “It’s hard to lose at any event,” said Williams. “I have been building a new car and have run a limited schedule.” Williams uses K&N Air and Oil Filters and the K&N Composite Intake Scoop on his vehicles,

K&N Engineering, Inc. has a long history of experience, combined with first-hand knowledge that goes into every product sold. K&N products are designed by people whose way of life, inside and outside of K&N, is racing.

Follow Tom Brown's, Jonathan Fiello's, Bob Harris' and Steve Williams' progress throughout the racing season at the K&N news site. Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer in your part of the world.


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