Speedking Russ Wicks Sets Newest World Stock Car Speed Record at Bonneville

The Speedking, aka Russ Wicks is the only living person to hold world speed records over 200 MPH on land and water. In 2007, at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Wicks went 244.9 mph in a NASCAR-spec Dodge Charger for the new World Stock Car Speed Record.

Russ Wicks uses K&N products
Russ Wicks uses K&N products Guinness Book of World Records presents Russ Wicks with award
Guinness Book of World Records presents Russ Wicks with award
The Charger was built to NASCAR Super Speedway specifications to compete in the Talladega high-speed oval. Normally this type of car approaches the 190 mph mark in competition, it was trimmed to maximize straight-line speed.
NASCAR-spec Dodge Charger at Bonneville
NASCAR-spec Dodge Charger at Bonneville
Russ Wicks breaks World Speed Record at the Salts
Russ Wicks breaks World Speed Record at the Salts

“We took the drive train and suspensions off the vehicle to make it more symmetrical,” said Wicks. “We also tested the vehicle in the Chrysler wind tunnel at Michigan.” The vehicle at the Salts was painted to resemble NASCAR Champion Bobby Isaac’s Grand National Dodge Charger Daytona. Issac established the original record “flying mile” Stock Car speed record of 216.949 mph in 1971.

“Pushing the limits of speed and technology is my life,” said Wicks. “I’m totally thrilled with our new World Speed Record at the Salt Flats. We made it into the Guinness Book of Records that day.”

Wicks also broke the 220- plus mph in Indy Car, NASCAR, NHRA dragster and Unlimited Hydroplane. His record braking resume includes the WSR for prop-boats at 205 mph and the WSR for fastest stock car at 244 mph.

“The environment at Bonneville is far from friendly,” said Wicks. “It’s dusty, salty and there was a lot of silt. Our engine performance was fantastic with K&N oil filters. The wrench off nut made everything easy for our team. There is no such thing as a proper garage at the Salt Flats and every little bit helps. The K&N air filters give us the biggest amount of air flow for optimal performance. K&N helps us protect the World Speed Record.”

With more than 25 years of racing experience, Wicks became a fully sponsored professional by the time he was 15-years-old. He began racing Motocross at 10-years-old and has plans to shatter more World Records in 2008.

Also check out the Speed Record Holder Russ Wicks video.

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