SPEED TV's Two Guys Garage Visits K&N Headquarters in Riverside, California

Two Guys Garage Television show host Sam Memmolo and his crew filmed an episode at K&N Engineering headquarters in Riverside, California. Memmolo doubles as host and executive producer for the SPEED-TV show.

Two Guys Garage Sam Memmolo and K&N's Bert Heck
Sam Memmolo shares a laugh with K&N's Bert Heck
“There was more depth at K&N then I ever imagined,” said Memmolo. “There was so much activity going on there by real automotive enthusiasts. I loved it there.” Memmolo is a Master Auto Technician and is also the host of two automotive radio talk shows.

Two Guys Garage Sam Memmolo and K&N's Corey Jennings
Sam Memmolo talks to K&N's Corey Jennings 
He was impressed by K&N’s in house engineers and technicians. “The staff and K&N go the extra mile for quality,” said Memmolo. “K&N is dedicated to making products it stands behind and that shows in its in house research and development.”

Memmolo is looking forward to coming back to K&N for future episodes. “How can I miss there,” he said. “With the race shop, dyno room and all of its flow-benches I learned a lot there. I was also able to spend time with people who are passionate about what they do.”

“We like inviting all forms of media to come to K&N and experience what it’s like to make a performance air filter,” said Steve Williams, K&N Vice President of Research and Development. “K&N is dedicated to making products it stands behind.”

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