Simple Performance Add-ons for 2007-2016 Honda Fit

2007 Honda Fit

2007 Honda Fit

2015 & 2016 Honda Fit Air Filter

2015 & 2016
Honda Fit Air Filter

2009 - 2013 Honda Fit Air Filter

2009 - 2013
Honda Fit Air Filter

2007 & 2008 Honda Fit Air Filter

2007 & 2008
Honda Fit Air Filter

The Honda Fit is a subcompact, four door hatchback with a 1.5-liter four cylinder engine. Because of its light weight design, approx. 2500 lbs, the Honda Fit can achieve 0-60-mph in less than 10 seconds. As the cost of fuel continues to rise, Honda's claim of 33 mpg city and 38 mpg highway for their Fit has become a great option for getting around town and saving money at the same time.

K&N Engineering has developed high-flow replacement air filter, 33-2359, 33-2422, and 33-5027, specifically designed to fit the factory air box of the 2007 through 2016 Honda Fit. Replacement filter 33-2422 was designed for Honda Fit models released during the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 model years. Air filter 33-2359 was designed for 2007 and 2008 Honda Fit. K&N air filter 33-5027 was engineered for 2015 and 2016 Honda Fit models with 1.5 liter engines. These filters were designed to increase horsepower and acceleration, in your Honda Fit, while providing outstanding filtration.

K&N Air Filters are washable, reusable and backed by the famous K&N Million Mile Limited Warranty. Your K&N stock replacement filter will be the last air filter your Honda Fit will ever need.

2009 - 2013 Honda Fit Air Intake System

2009 - 2013
Honda Fit Air Intake

2007 and 2008 Honda Fit Air Intake System

2007 and 2008 Honda Fit Air Intake

For a guaranteed increase in horsepower, K&N has an air intake system that is sure to bring power you can feel. K&N's 69-1016-1TS is a short ram air intake kit that was designed for the 2007 and 2008 Honda Fit. It replaces the entire stock air box with a silver powder coated intake tube and a high-flow air filter that provides the same excellent filtration you have grown to expect from K&N.

Testing has shown that the 69-1016-1TS delivers an estimated 5 more horsepower @ 5500 RPM over the Fit's stock intake configuration. Using K&N's simple instructions the 69-1016-1TS, complete intake system, can be installed in approximately 90 minutes.

K&N has designed the 69-1017TTK performance air intake system for the 2009-2013 Honda Fit with a 1.5 liter engine that is guaranteed to increase power. When tested on the dynamometer, the K&N 69-1017TTK added an estimated 4.5 horsepower at 6000 RPMs.

Using K&N's simple instructions, the 69-1016-1TS or 69-1017TTK complete intake systems can be installed in approximately 90 minutes.

Honda Fit Oil Filter

Honda Fit Oil Filter

K&N Premium Oil Filters deliver outstanding filtration to keep your Honda Fit running clean and smooth. Our premium Performance Gold® Oil Filters are rapidly becoming very popular among consumers because of their durability and easiness to remove. The 2007-2016 Honda Fit uses K&N's HP-1010. It was designed for strength, durability, excellent filtration and high flow rates. These Wrench-Off automotive oil filters are designed with a 1" Hex Nut at the top of the canister for easy removal.

K&N's Premium Oil Filters for the Honda Fit are covered by a limited warranty to be free of defects in material and workmanship when installed and replaced using the engine and equipment manufacturer's recommended service interval.

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