SEMA Project Truck Designer for LEER Selects K&N Products

A one of a kind showcase Project Truck will make its debut at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association) 2007 show in Las Vegas, October 30 through November 2.
Project truck for SEMA with K&N Engineering products
Project truck for SEMA with K&N Engineering products

Scott Harris of Gilbert, Arizona is one of the best-known independent vehicle customizers in the industry. He was chosen by LEER, to create a truck for its booth (no. 31745) at SEMA.

Harris has won many styling competitions with his use of color, shape and technology in his bumper to bumper makeovers. He works on every part of a vehicle, from performance and power to appearance and entertainment.

Complete details of Harris latest creation are still hush-hush. He has revealed that his project is based on a new Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab and that work is underway at his shop. “I can pick and choose the best parts for my designs,” said Harris. “I selected a K&N Engineering intake system for the additional horsepower. It helps the motor breathe. Luckily I have had a lot of sponsors over the years that helped me.”

Over the years Harris has built a wide variety of vehicles including a Nissan 720, several S-10s, a full size Chevy and a Chevy Silverado. His latest opportunity with LEER allows Harris to work in the area he likes best, mini trucks.

Also check out the Custom Chevrolet Colorado Designer Scott Harris at SEMA video.

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