Schippling Motorsports Team Ready to Enter the Quick 32 Sportsman Series Race

Top Dragster series Champion TJ Schippling became interested in racing and cars through his father. "We always had car magazines around and I remember one particular issue of Super Stock Illustrated that featured the first ever 4 second quarter mile by Eddie Hill," says Schippling. Schippling began attending motorsport events and in 2000, he went to a driving school and earned his NHRA Super Comp license. "Once I'd driven a fast dragster the rest, as they say, is history."
Drag Racer TJ Schippling
Champion Dragster TJ Schippling

In 2001, Schippling and his father purchased a new dragster for NHRA competition and began to enjoy immediate success. Schippling's father also founded Schippling Motorsports that year. After some time spent chasing the NHRA championship, in 2005 they concentrated on the Top Dragster series in Ontario. They won the championship, Schippling was Rookie of the Year, and was also nominated by for a Driver of the Year award. In 2006, Schippling earned his Top Alcohol Dragster license. "My career best time and speed is 5.55 seconds at 255.69 mph."
TJ and his father purchased a new dragster for NHRA competition
TJ and his father purchased a new dragster for NHRA competition

Schippling Motorsports, based in Shakespeare, Ontario uses K&N air filters exclusively on all their race vehicles. "Power and performance are our top priorities in race engines. Knowing that my engines are protected against even the smallest particles is great insurance. K&N Air Filters have proven to protect and allow maximum air flow, which gives me great performance," says Schippling.

This season, the Schippling Motorsports team is set to enter the Quick 32 Sportsman Series. They will also compete in NHRA and IHRA competition. Schippling is depending on the best products to help win races. "I appreciate being affiliated with K&N because they understand what we do very well. On the track we're trying to be the best every weekend and they are the world's best air filter."

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