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Roland Sands Honda Africa Twin Police Bike Makes Showing at Long Beach IMS

The Roland Sands Honda Africa Twin at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show

The Redondo Beach PD has some exciting new technology in the Sand's built Honda

When American Honda donated two Africa Twin adventure motorcycles to the Redondo Beach Police Department (RBPD), they likely had little idea just how amazing the bikes would become. In stock form, the Africa Twin is an ultra-competent and exciting ADV mount. When passed through the creative hands of K&N partner Roland Sands, the big Honda becomes something amazing.

K&N caught up with Sands, RBPD Chief Keith Kauffman, and one of the Africa Twins at the Long Beach, California, stop of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show. The excitement surrounding the Honda build was evident in the collected RBPD officers, and Sands was understandably satisfied with the modifications he and his build partners had completed.

The addition of ADV bikes to a police department’s stable makes perfect sense when you think about it. The long suspension, low weight, and elevated rider perspective make for a versatile law enforcement tool that transcends the traditional, street-only motorcycles that are usually purposed for departmental duty.

Roland Sands, the Africa Twin, and members of the RBPD at the Long Beach IMS

(L to R) Roland Sands, Chief Kauffman, Cameron Brewer, and an RBPD officer with the Africa Twin

So what’s so special about the Sands-built, Redondo Beach Africa Twin? Let’s take a look.

Suspension and Wheels:

The RBPD Africa Twin rolls on rugged spoked alloy rims. It is shod with DOT-legal knobby Dunlop tires, so clearly beach pursuits and rescues are within the modified Honda's capabilities.

A fully-adjustable Ohlins front and rear suspension controls the ride through the rigors of the bike’s specialized public protection mission.


Redondo Beach Police Chief Kauffman displaying the Africa Twin's built-in body armor

Redondo Beach Police Chief Kauffman shows off the Africa Twin's built-in body armor

The RBPD Africa Twin’s 998cc parallel twin powerplant breathes through a K&N HA-9916 filter for the performance the duty requires and the protection the Honda will need in its critical role. All of the filters for both of the Hondas have been donated by K&N.

Yoshimura donated a full exhaust system to complete the intake/exhaust modification. An ALTRider full skid plate and crash bars will keep the engine cases protected.

Duty-specific Modifications:

Of course, the RBPD Africa Twin is equipped with weaponry and firepower requisite to its mission, including a locking rear mount for an assault rifle. However, one of the most intriguing elements of the build is the ballistic armor that unfolds from the soft side cases.

Rear view of the Roland Sands Honda Africa Twin at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show

With a rifle mount, full knobbies, and a premium suspension, the PBPD Honda is ready for duty

Chief Kauffman unfolded the armor for K&N and reported that the bullet-proof plates in the armor sheets can withstand a .44 Magnum slug. This armor will help keep Redondo Beach’s finest protected in a live shooter situation.

Mounted in the bike's instrument cluster and on the handlebars are police radar, all light and siren controls, and a detachable Axon Flex camera.

“The camera has a DVR-like function,” said Kauffman. “When it is activated, it will replay back in time to capture prior events. It is easily moved from the motorcycle to the officer.”

The Roland Sands Redondo Beach Honda Africa Twins are clearly the coolest police motorcycles in the nation. These vital law enforcement tools were completed entirely with donations including the labor.

K&N is proud to have been part of this important and exciting mission.

Additional ballistic armor on the RBPD Africa Twin at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show

Kauffman shows more of the Africa Twin's concealed ballistic armor

Partners in the RBPD Africa Twin project at the Long Beach, California IMS

The generous partners in the RBPD Africa Twin project

Front view of the Roland Sands Honda Africa Twin at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show

Front view of the Africa Twin build

Instrument cluster on the police Honda Africa Twin at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show

View of the instrument cluster in the RBPD Honda


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