Racing Team Discovers K&N Oil Filters Reduce Maintenance Costs

Racing season begins for Wolfe Motorsports in the Bullring at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Nevada, and each one of its vehicles will have a K&N oil filter this February, said owner Matt Wolfe.

The divisional and national championships are open to drivers competing in the top class at each NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series track, including Late Model Stock Cars, Modifieds, Dirt Modifieds, Dirt Late Models, Late Model Sportsman, Super Late Models, Super Stocks and other styles of cars. Wolfe Motorsports tests February 25th and the season begins March 25th, according to Matt.

“We race all four of our cars 56 times a year,” said Matt Wolfe. “We have 2 Super Late Models, 1 Late Model and 1 Modified.” All have K&N oil filters, said Matt.

K&N Automotive Oil Filters
K&N Performance Gold Oil Filters.
Wolfe Motorsports installed K&N oil filters (HP-5001) in place of what the company called “Brand X.” “We noticed after one race when we would normally change our oil, that we could go two races,” said Matt. “After two races we noticed that we still did not have to change our oil.” We asked the technical staff what was going on and they laughed because they already knew the capability of K&N filters and said we could go 4 to 5 races without changing our oil.

“We race with K&N oil filters and only K&N oil filters,” said Matt. “To top it off the oil filter is cheaper than ‘Brand X,’ and we don’t have to change our filters as often as we did before we switched to K&N.” It cut our maintenance budget by two-thirds, Matt said.

“Usually we smell the oil at the end of a race to see if it is okay,” said Wolfe. “We even had it sent out and tested to see if it was still good.” Matt Wolfe said they have really reduced oil changes with the K&N filter.

K&N Engineering’s premium Performance Gold Oil Filter has many features to satisfy the demands of racers such as drilled safety wire holes for racing, heavy duty construction and a sturdy one-inch wrench nut to make oil filter removal quick and easy.

“The safety wire is a nice feature,” said Matt. “We use it when we run a long race.”

Wolfe Motorsports won two Division championships two years in a row. “We won the Super Late Model Championship in 2004 and 2005,” said Matt. “We also placed 4th in the region among 12 race tracks and 180 competitors.”

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