ProFormance Racing School Offers NASCAR-Style Stock Car Race Training

ProFormance Racing provides services for drivers of all skill levels; from the novice student who has never stepped foot in a fully race-prepped machine, all the way to the highly-skilled and licensed professional driver. Even better, this mobile school can bring their top-notch fleet of cars, their professional certified instruction staff and their impeccable safety standards to locations all over North America.
ProFormance Racing uses state-of-the-art racing technology and products which include K&N filters.
ProFormance Racing uses state-of-the-art racing technology and products which include K&N filters.

The cars used are authentic NASCAR-styled race-purpose vehicles with track records of winning numerous high-profile motorsports events. Some students use the school as a way to have some fun and learn significant skills behind the wheel. Others choose to use ProFormance Racing as a tool to earn their professional license and race competitively without the hassle of car transportation and logistics, set-up and car maintenance, a pit crew team or actually purchasing/owning a car.

ProFormance Racing's stock cars are built equally equipped and are specifically designed to appropriately handle the requirements of any driver. The school uses state-of-the-art racing technology and products, so it only makes sense that they encompass K&N products in every one of their race vehicles.

"K&N Filters don't get beat up, even when some of our drivers may give the cars a beating," says Roy Gangdal, General Manager of ProFormance Racing who has an extensive background in NASCAR. "Sometimes a student may go off track in the gravel and we can just get the filter all cleaned up for the next race weekend without having to go purchase a new one."

ProFormance Racing rolls into the historic Mission Raceway Park/The River's Edge Road Course in the Vancouver, British Columbia area on September 1, where race-enthusiasts can go for a ride-along with a PFR's professional driver. Those who can't be satisfied from the passenger seat can opt to jump behind the wheel of one of their NASCAR-style stock cars and drive for the entire day.

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