Opel Astra Gets Performance Increase of 6 HP with K&N Typhoon Air Intake

The Opel Astra G is competitive in its class when it comes to steering, handling and holding its own on the road. It is 13' 6" long, 6'6" wide and weighs upwards of 1,079kg. K&N Engineering has released a new 69-Series Typhoon Air Intake (69-4900TS) for the 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Opel Astra G 1.8L L4.

Typhoon Air Intake System for 2000 to 2005 Opel Astra G
Typhoon Air Intake System for 2000 to 2005 Opel Astra G
K&N dynamometer test show a 6 horsepower gain for this silver intake. "It is a straight forward design," said K&N Air Filter Product Manager Joost Adriaans. "We spent a lot of time making satisfying horsepower gains, by testing the air flow paths. A 6 horsepower gain is good considering this 1.8L engine only cranks out 103 horsepower at the wheels."

The design of this vehicle played a major role in the development of this 69-Series Kit. "There was not a whole lot of room in the engine bay," said Adriaans. "We designed this K&N Kit (69-4900TS) so the K&N Replacement Filter (RC-9350) is placed on top of the engine, where the original air box was. The Opel Astra also has a better throttle response with the K&N Typhoon Air Intake."

With all K&N 69-Series Typhoon Air Intakes there is a thorough development procedure which requires the use of multiple test vehicles. "The Opel Astra is one of the best selling cars in Europe," Adriaans said. "Finding donor vehicles was not a problem."

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