NHRA Driver Luke Bogacki Experiences a Stellar Super Comp and Super Gas Race Season

NHRA driver, Luke Bogacki, experienced a stellar season in 2012
NHRA driver, Luke Bogacki, experienced a stellar season in 2012
Although only 31 years of age, Luke Bogacki is definitely an old hand at racing. In fact, his racing career began at the ripe old age of eleven years, and his passion for the sport has done nothing but increase for the past twenty years.

“My father raced all of the time, and instilled a passion for the sport in me,” Bogacki shared. “If he went racing without me, from the time I was three until I was old enough to start racing, I didn’t know about it, because I would have been upset.”

Referring to what has kept his passion burning strong for two decades, he continued, “A lot of things really. Mainly the competition and the people. I love the challenge as a driver and tuner. The people I’ve met while racing over the years make up my extended family”.

Along with acquiring many friends during his tenure as a driver, Luke Bogacki has also seen his share of success. In fact, he considers 2012 as a dream season, and rightfully so, as his recent accomplishments are impressive, to say the least.

Bogacki’s most recent victory came at Las Vegas, Nevada, in the NHRA Big O Tires Nationals. Manning his ThisIsBracketRacing.com Super Comp dragster through several victories throughout the event, the driver found himself in a heated battle with fellow driver, Greg Boutte, in the final round. Leaving the starting line with a “near perfect” .005 reaction time, Bogacki managed to take the win, 9.081 to 9.087. Although only winning by mere thousandths, his time was more than enough to earn him his third NHRA national event trophy of 2012 and his fifth national event victory of his career.
Luke Bogacki recently won his third national event trophy of 2012 while competing at the Bog O Tires Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada
Luke Bogacki recently won his third national event trophy of 2012 while competing at the Bog O Tires Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada

When asked what separates him from his fellow competitors, he answered, “If I have an advantage, it’s probably experience. I’ve raced for twenty years, and for the past eight years, I’ve raced for a living. That has put me in a lot of cars, classes and situations as a driver. Like anything,” he continued, “the more you do it, the more comfortable and confident you become in various situations. I think the key to success was a combination of hard work, good fortune and marketing partners like K&N .”

Looking back over the entire season, the driver obviously had many fond memories. But he suggested there was one event in particular that he considers most memorable. According to Bogacki, winning the Super Gas class and earning runner-up in the Super Comp at the national event in Brainerd, Minnesota was unsurpassed, and in fact, “marked one of the most successful events” in his career of racing.

With the 2012 season behind him, Luke Bogacki is already gearing up for 2013. In fact, he recently sold his Super Comp Dragster to make room for two new American Race Cars dragsters. Bogacki will drive one of the 2013 models in Super Comp next season, and will assemble the second car for his wife, Jessica, who is presently carrying their first child.

Referring to his new car, the driver stated, “I actually just picked it up last week and have started the final assembly process. I’m ecstatic about it! Mark Horton and his staff at American Race Cars have once again exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to get it finished and take it to the track!

As experience has taught the driver, there are several aspects of the game that all prove essential if he plans to continue his triumph. When asked the key to future success he explained, “Hopefully, more of the same - attention to detail, great equipment, and an excellent line of marketing partners.”

Luke Bogacki has been racing since he was 11 years old
Luke Bogacki has been racing since he was 11 years old
The driver is also acutely aware of the importance of maintenance. Referring to keeping his race car in tip-top running condition, he said, “It’s vital. In this sport, tens of thousandths of dollars change hands over races that are determined by thousandths of a second. So everything is crucial. I’m a stickler for maintenance; from routine to preventative. You find over time, that the winningest racers aren’t just the best divers; they are the racers who are willing to put in the work to avoid as many stupid mistakes and part failures as possible.”

That in mind, Luke Bogacki is a firm believer in K&N filter’s ability to keep the internal components of his engine running contaminant-free. In reference to K&N products, he said, “Honestly, I take them for granted. K&N is the industry leader , so when I install an air filter, or screw on an oil filter, I know it is one less area on my race car, tow vehicles and personal cars that I have to worry about. K&N protection gives me peace of mind to focus on what I have to do behind the wheel.”

His winning record is a testimony that Luke Bogacki knows the recipe to success. When asked what his fans can expect in the future, the drivers answer made it obvious that much thought has already been given to the future. “Hopefully more of the same,” he promised. “My schedule will include nine NHRA national events and eight divisionals. And I will focus on Super Comp and Super Gas again in pursuit of the Lucas Oil Championships in Both categories. I plan to start out west at the Winternationals in Ponoma and hit it hard for the first couple months of the season, then take about two months off for baby-time, before picking back up in the summer. I have high expectations for 2013, but our sport can be very humbling. Hopefully, we can go out and be competitive. I think a top-ten finish in both categories is a challenging, yet attainable, goal.”

Luke Bogacki was also featured in First NHRA Divisional Trohpy, Division 2 Super Comp Championship, Super Gas Win.

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