New Shorter K&N Sprint Car Air Box for 4 Cylinder, Stack Injected Race Engines Released

K&N Hilborn, Kinsler, Engler and similar injector stack 100-8576
K&N 100-8576 4” tall carbon fiber air box
Many race car and engine builders struggle to find an air filtration solution for injector stacks. The filter must be large enough to flow enough air, must securely mount to prevent damage during a race, and yet be small enough to not obstruct the driver’s view. K&N took each of these variables into consideration when developing a new carbon fiber air box at slightly over 4 inches tall.

K&N’s new 100-8576 air box was developed in carbon fiber to attach to four inline injector stacks. Simply measure and cut holes for your 2” – 2 5/8” diameter Hilborn, Kinsler, Engler, or similar injector stacks in the carbon fiber base of the K&N air box, slip the base over the stacks, and then attach the filter top using the provided hardware.

The K&N filter element is made of multiple layers of cotton treated with K&N air filter oil. This combination offers high airflow with little restriction, while at the same time providing excellent filtration to keep your engine running strong the entire race. After the race, the filter can be cleaned and reoiled using K&N air filter cleaning products and restored to like-new condition for the next race.

K&N’s new 100-8576 carbon fiber air box can be purchased through any K&N authorized dealer. To find a dealer in your area, visit our dealer search page.


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