NASCAR K&N Pro Series Racer Jamerson Motorsports Generates Charity to Support Troops

There's no telling when the inspiration to help strikes, or where it will come from, and how it will manifest - what matters is that it comes at all. Last weekend was the first race of the new NASCAR K&N Pro Series held at Irwindale Speedway. Jamerson Motosports' number 63 car, Dangerous RED, didn't win the race, but they did win over the hearts and imaginations of fans and sponsors.
Larry Jamerson and the first four calendar girls
Larry Jamerson and the first four calendar girls

On a trip home from Homestead, Florida, after attending the last race of last year, sitting in the airport lobby, Larry Jamerson struck up a conversation with a young solider. The solider was headed out on his third deployment to Afghanistan. He hadn't even been able to make it home between deployments because during that period he had opted to visit a fellow injured soldier instead. The soldier went on to explain that there was no military money to pay for the injured soldier's entire family to visit him in the Arizona hospital, so to support his friend, he made the trip on his own.

Jamerson wished the solider a safe return and thanked him for his service to our country and they parted ways in the airport lobby. But, that conversation stuck with Jamerson, and several months later, when he met with his friend Russ Newberry (from the hit TV show the Deadliest Catch), the two worked together searching for a project that could help.

"My comment at the time was, as long as it was for the benefit of the soldiers and their family's, any effort would be worth it," reflects Jamerson. "After brainstorming and coming up empty, a gift was delivered for Russ at my house. Bryan Lindt, who wanted to meet the star deckhand, left a bottle of wine for him. After talking with Lindt, we found out the winery he worked for could produce our own brand, that we could then use the profits from to raise money for the troops."

Soon after that fateful meeting, Dangerous RED was created. "The name came to us because the troops of course have a dangerous job, and Russ has a dangerous job catching red King Crabs, so Dangerous RED," explains Jamerson.

"After doing a few festivals with the Valenzano family (Valenzano Winery produces Dangerous RED) I knew this brand had wheels," continues Jamerson. "Maybe it could be a regional brand, or a national brand, maybe I could do something, or be part of something that would let the troops know how much we care about them. Our game plan is to use NASCAR as part of our marketing efforts to promote our story."

Using the Dangerous RED girls to develop a calendar that they can sell at military bases, local liquor stores, NASCAR tracks, and giveaways during meet-and-greet sessions with Russ Newberry is also a part of that marketing plan.

"Since the start of our program, many people have asked to help, showing me that people want to be part of something that helps support our troops. You can check to see all parties that have asked to join our cause and the list is growing," say Jamerson.

"The calendar will be done within the next two months. Our first contest to find the Dangerous RED girls was held at the 2010 Motorsports show in Oaks, Pennsylvania. We are planning our next event at the Tropicana casino in Atlantic City, along with a bartender contest using Dangerous RED as an ingredient in a mixed drink. Maybe a 'Danger Bomb', who knows?"

"A big thank you goes out to K&N for stepping up and being part of NASCAR. The teams and fans will support K&N like they always have. Jamerson Motorsports will do our part to support and promote K&N as well."

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