Milt Gedo Wins Super Comp at the NHRA National Event in Las Vegas

Dragster racer Milt Gedo has knocked off a major event from his “to-do” list. The 37-year-old Pahrump, Nevada resident won Super Comp at the NHRA National Event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in April.

Super Comp Racer Milt Gedo at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Super Comp Racer Milt Gedo at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
“Vegas, is my biggest single event win,” said Gedo. “My biggest overall win was in 2003 when I took the Division 5 Super Comp Championship. That was for being good an entire season. In Vegas, I was good for three days.”

The index in Las Vegas is 9.050. If you go under the index it is considered a loss. “Chad Langdon got me on the starting line, but once we got close to the finish he did not have enough power to come around me,” said Gedo. “Chad was 5 or 6 feet behind me and I just kept watching his car. I knew he was going to hit the brakes and when I saw his nose go down I got on the brakes. I ended up crossing the finish line 5 thousandths of a second ahead of him.”

For a fraction of a second Gedo thought Langdon was ahead of him. “When I saw his nose go down out of the corner of my eye, I thought I lost. But my win light came on,” said Gedo. “I let out a sigh of relief, whew.” Gedo’s car ran 9.055 on the winning run.

The Division 7 racer uses K&N Engineering products. “I love the quality of K&N filters,” said Gedo. “I use K&N air filters and K&N oil filters.” K&N’s Premium Performance Gold Oil filter (HP-5001) has thick canister walls for extra strength and durability. The walls reduce the risk of damage from loose rocks and debris.

Sportsman Class Winners at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Sportsman Class Winners at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Gedo said K&N oil filters are amazing. “The engine in my car is brand new. When an engine is new it gets dirty fast and I do my oil change sooner than later. There is usually a lot of metal stuff when things are breaking in together,” said Gedo. “I ran Phoenix, then Tucson, and did the first oil change in Vegas. I expected really dirty oil during the first oil change but when I drained it and I was blown away. The oil looked like it was brand new. The K&N filter really works at trapping debris.”

In a dragster frame the rails are right to the engine and it’s really a tight squeeze. K&N Engineering’s Performance Gold Oil Filter (HP-5001) is designed with drilled safety holes for racing and a sturdy one-inch wrench nut to make oil filter removal quick and easy. “I love the K&N nut, the filter goes on quick and comes off quick,” said Gedo.

Just for fun Gedo said he did an experiment with his K&N air filter. “I ran my dragster with a K&N air filter and then took the filter off and ran my dragster without the K&N air filter,” he said. “You really do get the protection without losing performance with K&N.”

Gedo raced full time for the last several years, including Indy and Chicago. “This year I’m cutting back on my traveling and staying in Division 7. It’s too hard being away from my 5-year-old daughter, Marina,” said Gedo.

The next event on Gedo’s “to-do” list is a Boise, Idaho race in May, and then Bakersfield, California.

Follow Milt Gedo's progress throughout the racing season at the K&N news site.  Find K&N products for your vehicle using the K&N application search then use the K&N dealer search to find a K&N dealer near you.


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