Miller Motorsports' Tommy Nichols Wins at Citrus County Speedway

Number 78 Wingless Sprint driven by Mickey Kempgen
Number 78 Wingless Sprint driven by Mickey Kempgen
A happy, loose, race team is usually one that's winning. "We have put together one heck of a combination of cars, product sponsors, money sponsors, and the mind-set to go out this year and have fun," says Shane Miller. Shane and his wife Kim own Miller Motorsports.
20 year veteran Tommy Nichols with the number 55 car
20 year veteran Tommy Nichols with the number 55 Sprint car

The team currently runs with three drivers, 20 year veteran driver number 55 Tommy Nichols ('03 Central Florida Wingless Sprint Champion), a seasoned driver; number 78 Mickey Kempgen (Fast Truck Champion) and rookie; Dustin Perez ('08 Desoto Speedway Mini Stock Champion). There's a good amount of friendly competition between the three drivers, which helps to keep the mood relaxed, at the same time continually lifting the bar higher for all.

The season started out rocky for the team with the number 55 and 70 cars experiencing engine issues. The 78 car however, driven by Mickey Kempgens, remained pretty consistent throughout the entire season, reaching top ten finishes in 95 percent of the races entered, including several heat wins. And, in the last four consecutive races, the number 78 car finished in the top five. Presently though the 55 car, driven by Tommy Nichols, has put together an impressive late season run, with Feature and Qualifying heat wins.
Miller Motorsports runs with three Sprint car drivers, Tommy Nichols, Mickey Kempgen and Dustin Perez
Miller Motorsports runs with three Sprint car drivers, Tommy Nichols, Mickey Kempgen and Dustin Perez

The win at the latest event held at Citrus County Speedway means a lot to Nichols and to the entire Miller Motorsports team. Tommy and his Dad (Dennis Nichols) have been racing together for more than 30 years, starting in Kart racing and this win was a career first for them - winning the Qualifying Heat Race and the Feature in the same night. Their winning night was a first for Miller Motorsports as well. "Hard work by the entire team paid off with a big win for all," adds Shane. Tommy has been a life long friend of Shane and Kim and he says he feels honored to be a part of their team.

All three cars utilize the K&N fuel injection style air box for Sprint Car systems and all three use K&N oil filters. Along with the filters, the team swears by the cleaning sprays, oils, and pre-filters as well. Not only does the team utilize filters for the Sprinters, the haulers have K&N filters throughout too.

"Last year we only had one car on the track and it wasn't running a K&N air filter, when that motor was rebuilt for this year, there was pitting in the intake ports. This year we don't have that problem due to the K&N filters," informs Miller.

How does Miller Motorsports intend to build on this stellar year and what plans do they have for the future? "Our plan is to continue to get all three cars in the top ten. Hopefully we can finish out the season with another win or two. As far as next year goes our goal is to win a championship with the Tampa Bay Area Racing Association (TBARA), and quite possibly have a second and third place points finish as well. We also plan on attending as many non-wing races as possible. We have learned a lot this year and look forward to putting that knowledge to good use next season. We are starting to get recognition as a very competitive team, as well as for having a good time doing it," concludes Miller.


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