Laura Poorter Completes Practice Runs, Ready for Irwindale Ford Focus Midget Race

A fresh new face will emerge Saturday April 1st in the USAC California Ford Focus Midget Series at Irwindale Speedway. Laura Poorter is only 17-years-old, petite and a long way from her native Holland.

17-year-old Laura Poorter in practice at Irwindale Speedway
17-year-old Laura Poorter in practice at Irwindale Speedway
Her English is very good and she speaks with a slight accident, but she has mastered the language of the track. Like Wonder Woman, Laura Poorter has the strength to control her K&N Engineering Ford Focus Midget. She has been driving since she was 9-years-old, her first comfort zone was behind the wheel of a mini-kart.

Her desire for speed has taken her thousands of miles away from her family for one reason, and one reason only, to compete. Currently she is staying in a southern California hotel, waiting for her host family to arrive. “I miss my family very much, but my car is really cool,” said Laura. “I like the speed very much.”

Laura spends a majority of her time in her room studying. “I have so much home-work,” she said, like any other teenager. “Economics, Dutch, History and Geography, I have a full load of classes.”

Last week, she had a practice run at Irwindale. “My Ford Focus Midget performed well,” said Laura. “I don’t know how fast I was during the trial runs because there was no one else on the track. We tuned a few things on the midget and it turned out to be a very productive run.”

Laura Poorter gearing up for a practice run
Laura Poorter gearing up for a practice run
The Ford Focus Midget Series is a baby in the world of racing. It began in 2002 and is one of the first steps for young drivers who want to go into racing. It is affordable, reliable, entry level racing designed to fill a niche.

Laura raced in Europe and has competed in the same series as several Formula One drivers. She is not afraid and looking forward to her first race on April 1st at Irwindale Speedway. “I’m really excited about my race on Saturday,” she said. K&N Engineering's Sports Marketing Director Charles Maier was impressed my Laura during a race in Belgium last year. This year Laura is part of the K&N family.

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