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K&N Universal Off-Road Air Intake System Provides Double Protection In Dusty Terrain

The Universal Off-Road Air Intake can be mounted nearly anywhere on the vehicle

The sealed canister contains a 6-layer filter and a foam pre-filter for extra protection

If you’re an off-road racer or an off-road enthusiast, K&N has developed the ideal air filter system for vehicles that require a clean, abundant flow of air, regardless of the amount of sand or dust you’re driving through. That’s the design criteria for the K&N 54-6853 universal off-road air intake.

This system is composed of several unique K&N features that keep the engine fed with clean air while resisting dirt, sand, and dust.

First is the canister itself. At less than two feet long, the canister can be mounted virtually anywhere on the vehicle, in either a horizontal or vertical manner. The canister comes with two saddle clamps with mounting hardware for quick installation. And it’s lightweight. Despite the sealed protection it offers the air filter, the entire canister assembly, loaded with filter and adapters weighs just 13 pounds.

The canister carries a matte black finish, providing a sophisticated look, and carries a subtle K&N logo, showing everyone that you are serious about your performance.

The Universal Off-Road Air Intake can be fitted to two different sizes of intake tubes

Universal off-road air intake comes complete with two different sized velocity stacks

On one end of the canister is the cone-shaped intake lid. It can be run as-is, or a hose can be attached for a remote air intake. At the other end is your choice of two adapters to which you attach the pipe to the engine intake. One is 3.5” in diameter, the other is 4.0” in diameter. They’re also replaceable, so if you elect to start with the 3.5” diameter adapter, it’s an easy task to swap it out for the 4.0” adapter.

Inside the canister is a unique K&N double filtration system. The primary filter is a RU-5064 which is specially designed for off-road application. The RU-5064 features twice as many layers of treated red cotton filter media than the typical K&N filter. At nearly a foot long, the tapered conical air filter provides plenty of air flow, up to about 350 CFM as seen in K&N testing. That’s plenty for most SxS, UTVs, and four-cylinder off-road racers. Racers with larger engines can run two canisters for a total of about 700 CFM.

The K&N RU-5064 provides outstanding air flow with excellent filtration characteristics

The pleated K&N RU-5064 conical air filter provides additional surface area for increased airfllow

In addition to the RU-5064, the universal off-road air intake includes a 25-5167 foam wrap, which is an extreme-duty pre-cleaner. Its open-cell foam design traps and holds large dirt particles before they can reach the RU-5064, extending the life of the primary filter – which is especially important in long-distance off road races.

As with other K&N air filters, both the RU-5064 filter element and 25-5167 foam filter are washable and reusable. The RU-5064 can be cleaned with K&N 99-5000 filter care service kit at up to 50,000 mile service intervals, depending on driving conditions. The 25-5167 foam wrap can be washed with soap and water.

Plus the K&N RU-5064 air filter included is designed to last for the lifetime of your vehicle, which K&N guarantees will perform with the K&N 10-Year/Million Mile Limited Warranty.


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