K&N Universal Apollo Closed Air Intake System Now Available in Silver, Red and Blue

K&N has released three new universal closed intake systems (CIS) for its Apollo line of air induction kits. These are for use with normally aspired engines up to 250BHP and turbo engines up to 350BHP. They are designed to increase power while providing excellent engine protection. The new releases are the same except for color, RC-5052AL is blue, RC-5052AS is silver and RC-5052AR is red. Apollo part number RC-5052AB is also available in black. These universal induction kits are primarily used in the European market. They are not allowed for street use in some U.S. states.

K&N's RC-5052AL Universal Apollo Closed Air Intake System
K&N's RC-5052AL Universal Apollo CIS
The Apollo's outer shell is made of a durable lightweight material that helps keep incoming air cool as it enters the engine chamber. The Apollo incorporates a K&N lifetime replacement air filter which allows for virtually unrestricted air flow.
K&N's RC5052AR Universal Apollo Air Induction System
K&N's RC-5052AR Universal Apollo CIS
K&N's RC-5052AS Universal Apollo CIS
K&N's RC-5052AS Universal Apollo CIS

K&N's Apollo comes with a cold air hose with a specially designed radius end cap so cooler outside air can be directed into the engine. It also has an assortment of vent adaptors including a blanking plug which covers the adapter hole if a vent is not needed.

The standard neck is 70mm, although 60 and 80 mm adaptor sleeves are available separately along with a universal bracket kit.

The K&N Apollo CIS contains a general multi-lingual installation sheet with pictures. The Apollo is backed by K&N's Million Mile Warranty.

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